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"INDIE"pendence Street Party


I would like to welcome everyone to the “Indie”pendence Street Party. Here we will have fun in promoting Indie (self-published) Authors by liking their page and spreading the word about their WONDERFUL  books.


Being self-published means mostly relying on word of mouth when it comes to promoting and selling books, many also coordinate street teams. A Street team is a group of individuals who promote authors wherever and whenever with no hesitation. Today I have recruited many of you as my own “Street Team” for this event. On this journey you will travel the world as a security agent with super powers and make love to a cowboy using kink while drinking your favorite beverage.


We have some wonderful authors, who street teams I am on that will stop by and laugh with us.So feel free to share, like, tweet, and participate in the event. Our goal is to light the sky up with “Explosive Pimping”.


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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unexpected Treasure by Melody Anne


unexpected treasure announcement


In this new series, you will meet Richard Storm and his five children, and the
circumstances that ripped him away from his brothers, Joseph and George
Anderson. See how they finally meet. The bonds of an Anderson bloodline are too
strong to keep their family apart forever. Richard Storm is saddened that his
children are throwing away their lives, and offers them an ultimatum. They have
two years to take a failing business and make it a success or they lose their
trust funds, and are on their own. His stubborn children think he’s gone insane,
but they don’t know the powerful secret that can knock them to their knees and
tear their family apart. Will they come together as they should, or will
self-centeredness consume their hearts, ripping their family apart forever? Crew
Storm opens an exclusive resort in the Catalina Islands off the coast of
California, and pride swells within him as he accomplishes the impossible.
Everything is going on track until a blond steps into his life and begs him to
teach her how to be the perfect seductress after she researches his technique of
charming and luring women to his bedroom. Haley Sutherland is done with her
fears, done being a wallflower and done being invisible. She comes up with a
brilliant idea to find the perfect person to teach her how to seduce the man she
truly wants. Though, the person she’s chosen to be her teacher is Crew Storm,
soon she finds she’s forgetting her first love’s name. This story will take you
on a journey through the heart as Crew teaches Haley more than she ever
imagined, and finds himself gaining more than he thought he needed. Reunite with
the Andersons as they discover new relatives and meet this new branch in the
Anderson line. Will love truly conquer all, or will stubbornness make them lose
everything they never knew they had.


“Do not chicken out!” she snarled under her breath before stepping from the shadows and making her way down the beautiful slate walkway. She’d parked around the corner, since the resort wasn’t open yet and management wasn’t allowing in cars, trying to prevent an early mob.

Though she should be trying to be a femme fatale at the moment, she was woefully underdressed in her loose linen blouse and jean capri pants. She’d been in school for the past three years, plus working part-time at a small stationary store and she never had the energy to dress up or worry about clothes. It had taken her five years of therapy to work up the courage to go to college in the first place, or she would have been finished with her education by now.

Though she’d received a large inheritance when she was nineteen, she hated using the money because her grandparents hadn’t wanted her to have it. They’d just never made a will, and because she was their only heir, the money had come to her. She was sure that if they’d taken the time to designate beneficiaries, they would have left it all to their precious birds rather than to her.

Still, there were times it was necessary for her to dip into her substantial funds. This was one of those times.

It was now or never.

“Are you lost?” Haley stopped the shiver fighting to travel down her spine from just the deep timbre of his voice. Oh yes, she had chosen well. This man could teach her all she wanted to know. He was sex personified.

“No. I’m looking for you, Mr. Storm.”

Nervous tension filled her as his gorgeous eyes gave her body the once-over. When they reached her face, she had the feeling that he’d checked her out and found her wanting.

Too bad!

She’d planned this down to the smallest detail, and she’d make him help her.

“And what can I do for you, miss?”

Oh, the promise in his tone was what women’s wet dreams were made of. She knew he spoke to every woman this way. She’d studied him, read about how effortlessly he flirted — how women fell at his feet. With one snap of his fingers, females young and old were panting, their salivary glands in overdrive.

“Haley Sutherland,” she said a little breathlessly as she stuck out her hand.

After a slight pause, he grasped her fingers and squeezed, then slowly lifted their entwined hands to his mouth and ran his lips across the top of her knuckles, his warm breath brushing over her skin.

“This!” Haley practically shouted as excitement filled her.

Crew’s normal cool seemed to be shaken; he stared at her in confusion. The expression on his face was almost comical as he stood frozen with his lips only a couple of inches from her skin.

“I want you to teach me how to seduce someone. I have been reading about you, studying the way you flirt, how you can have any woman you want. I want you to teach me how to get a man, how to make him want me so much that he can’t see straight, how to make him drop to his knees.”

“Ummm…are you drunk?” Crew asked after a long pause as he dropped her hand and took a retreating step. Haley had no doubt he thought she was crazy. Perhaps she was at the moment.

However, now that she was warmed up, she couldn’t hold back. She followed his steps, not realizing what she was doing until he bumped against the outside wall of his resort and her hand was pressed against his chest.

“I know this seems weird, and maybe I should have eased into it, but I am in love with a man who doesn’t know I’m alive and my psych professor suggested that I ask him out as a way of getting over my fears, but I get all tongue-tied around him, which just can’t happen. I want you to teach me how to make him want me — desire me — need me! I have money. Lots of it. I’ll pay you any amount you want if you will agree to be my teacher.”

Haley didn’t feel a trace of fear as she gazed into Crew’s eyes. All she felt was exhilaration. She knew he could do it — he could turn her from the wallflower she’d always been into a seductress who would get her man.

“Let me get this straight. You want to pay me to teach you how to seduce a man?”

“Yes!” she gasped, relieved he was starting to get it.

“I honestly don’t know what to say.” His tone of voice didn’t alert her at all to what he was thinking.

“Say yes.”



I originally wasn't taking the Andersons beyond Joseph and George. It was the 2 of them, and then a few years later, I planned on telling the stories of all the grandchildren, in shorter romances, grouped together. Several months back, a fan, Cindy, contacted me with a dream she'd had where Joseph and George were sitting at the table and they saw the newspaper article and then find out they had a missing triplet. I was in love with the idea instantly and it had the wheels turning in my head. A lot of the prologue is from her dream, with a few tweaks from me, but the idea was completely hers. So then I created the Storm branch of the family and that's how Unexpected Treasure became to be. I was beyond excited and truly hope the fans love this book as much as they've embraced all the other Anderson books.



Who was the person that introduced you to your mate?

What "Unexpected Treasure" did you find in this person?


THREE lucky commenters will receive an e-book of Unexpected Treasure

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The First Order.... Safeword LLC by Peyton Elizabeth

Sign me up……..

I love when I get a book referral from other authors and Peyton Elizabeth “The First Order Safeword LLC” was the book of choice. I am a HUGE fan of BDSM books either it be introducing a novice to the lifestyle or full blow S/ M. This book was a quick look on introducing a novice to the lifestyle. Helping her find her inner self through the help of a well respected placing agency.

Rebecca was down on her luck in job and in sex life. She always wanted a little restraint in her bedroom activities. She got that and more when Ms. Van Camp handed her a card and her curiosity got the best of her. Upon completing thorough research and submitted an application she not only got one Master but two, twins. Rebecca had the desire to please and belong and was on the verge of losing who she was as a person but a little force orgasm punishment scene made her see the error in those ways.

Master Ellisons’ were two peas in a pod with Ross being the sensual one and Lane having his guards up regularly. The two were good heroes but Lane’s failure to trust was the hardship of a hopeful relationship. His attitude kept Becca on edge and Ross trying to fill the voids. The mastered the communication and giving a sub what they needed rule though.

All I have to say is, where do I sign? The idea behind the book was a draw in. The benefits of what the company offered and the well respected men that they catered too. It showed the truths of the BDSM life as well as how TRUST is a major NEED. I recommend this series and am looking forward to book 2, Dare To Submit.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deja VooDoo Blog Tour


Reading By The Book is happy to welcome Ella James as she celebrates the release of Book 3 in The Cajun Magic Series, Deja VooDoo. Today we will learn how the book and series came about as well as the trials to make it an success. So take it away Ms. James......

How Déjà Voodoo Came About

by Elle James

I started the Cajun Magic Series back in 2002 with VOODOO ON THE BAYOU. Back then I was an unknown author with nothing published yet. I entered the story in many writing contests and it won the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart. Soon after, it sold to Dorchester Publishing as To Kiss a Frog. It didn't get a very good cover (nothing like the one it has now-wowza!) and its sales were sad. Romantic comedy with a boring cover is a hard sell. So VOODOO FOR TWO never sold and DEJA VOODOO only had three chapters written and I thought that was the end of the series.

After Dorchester Publishing went under, I got back my rights and shopped the books around until I found Entangled Publishing who loved the stories and wanted them. I've loved these stories from the time I dreamed them up and I love revisiting all the characters in the stories.

The idea for DEJA VOODOO came from a thought. Why can't we fall in love with someone who will always be happy to see us come home, always great us with excitement? Wouldn't care what I wore, how I looked or how chubby I got as long as I loved him? The only living being I knew that met that criteria was my dog. So what would happen if a girl wished her man was a dog and it came true? I had a blast writing this story. So much so that I wrote the bulk of it in just a week! And I need to write Calliope's book next. I know my readers will want to know her story soon and I won't be happy until she gets her happily ever after. And the Boyette family has stories to tell with 19 children, what's not to love?

I hope you fall in love with Alex, Ed, Calliope and Sport like I did.

Deja Vodoo Cover


A little magic goes a long way…

Alexandra Belle Boyette is closing in on the big 3-0 and her mama has made it her mission to marry her off. In the tiny parish of Bayou Miste, deep in the Louisiana swamps, finding suitable hubby material can be a challenge—and Alex would rather not rely on magical spells to do the trick. But there is a sexy new man in town who might fit the bill...

Ed Marceaux is in Bayou Miste to safeguard a key witness to a Louisiana Mafia murder. He must keep an eye out for suspicious characters—but the place seems to be full of them! What could be stranger than a woman dressed in a sexy nightgown chasing a naked man down the street? The enchantingly gorgeous Alex Boyette certainly makes it worth his while to find out…

Add a Voodoo spell gone wrong, and voila! madness—and love—ensues.


2013-07- DejaVoodoo Prize Pkg





Elle James spent twenty years in South Central Texas, ranching horses,
cattle, goats, ostriches and emus. A former IT professional, retired Army and
Air Force Reservist, she’s proud to be writing full-time, penning intrigues and
paranormal adventures that keep her readers on the edge of their seats or
laughing out loud. Now, living in northwest Arkansas, she’s given up wrangling
cattle and exotic birds to wrangle her muses, a malti-poo and a yorkie. When
she’s not at her computer, she’s traveling, out snow skiing, boating, or riding
her four-wheeler, dreaming up new stories.


TRIGGERED - COVERT COWBOYS INC - Harlequin Intrigue July 2013

DEJA VOODOO - CAJUN MAGIC - Entangled Suspense - Jun 17, 2013

VOODOO FOR TWO - CAJUN MAGIC - Entangled Suspense


Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads


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Alternate Connections Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL AND TEASER..................

authorsname_no shadow_Black_small


The next installment of the COUNTERMEASURE SERIES has a tentative release date set for November 5th, 2013. The story continues where TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE left off and pursues a parallel between Trevor and Cassandra Bauer’s quest and a daring attack on US nationals.


CIA operative Nathan Nelson has built his life on secrets. Secrets about events that have shaped him into the man he has become. Events that taught him to keep his shields up. He has kept them buried in the past and nobody—not even Cassandra Bauer, the woman he claimed to love—knows of them. Now, those secrets have come barreling down on him at the worst of times.

Foreign Service Specialist Rachael Moore's personal crusade puts her in the crosshairs of very dangerous people. She would risk everything to achieve her goal even if it means exposing her battered heart and deeply concealed dreams to a man who doesn’t know the meaning of love.

Unbeknownst to both, their reconnection may not only bridge the chasm between the two of them, but shed light on a puzzling mystery. Their perilous journey becomes a race for their lives, leading them into a conspiracy rooted deeper than the tangled emotions between them.

Will their collaboration shatter the tenuous link woven in the past or forge a bond they never expected could exist in the future?


Photography by Jenn LeBlanc of Studio Smexy for Illustrated Romance

Excerpt from Chapter 5

Nathan shook his head and pulled out the first folder containing the personal file of Gerald Blair, U.S. Envoy to the Middle East. The report was thorough and contained a detailed account of both his professional and personal life. He raised his eyes to Hanson. “Do you want to split’em?”

“Nope. I’m done with them. They are all yours.”


“While I waited for the fax. I’m a fast read, Nelson. Keep that in mind.” Hanson’s lips quirked in a cocky grin as he leaned his seat back and closed his eyes. His disheveled appearance and the hickeys decorating his neck a clear indication he needed some shut-eye. “Let me know when you’re done so we can discuss the details.”

Nathan sank in his own seat, his mind teeming with questions. Questions he didn’t think he would have answers to any time soon. He had a long analysis ahead of him considering he was also looking for pieces of a puzzle unknown to Hanson. Unlike Hanson’s, Nathan’s focus also encompassed the files belonging to the two agents and two drivers who’d been killed in the attack.

With that in mind, he returned his attention to the folder and began studying the first of the people they were supposed to know inside and out before they set off for ground zero.

As he read through the pages, he looked for inconsistencies, hidden information, or activities that could have made Blair a target. Anything that could have put them all in the crosshairs of whoever had taken them.

The situation was more complex than the usual hostage kidnapping. While religious extremists were quick to claim responsibility, those who’d abducted the six remaining members of the diplomatic convoy two days earlier hadn’t made any demands through the media. They’d simply dropped off the radar as if they’d never been.

There had to be a reason for that divergence from the usual and that reason could very well be tied to Nathan’s prime directive. The answer could be in any of their past or present and, if he was to be successful, he had to find it.

He beat his way through Gerald Blair’s file and took notes as he moved through. Blair had been in extensive contact with Palestinians and Israelis—unavoidable contact since it was an integral part of his job to mediate peace in the region—and that in itself could have placed a target on his back.

Nathan set Blair’s file aside and moved on to the next in the bundle. As he flipped it open, his whole body stiffened in his seat. A buzzing noise flooded his ears, and his sight dimmed. His field of vision narrowed to the picture on the page and the name listed—Moore, Rachael. Status: Widow. Rae.

His blood iced in his veins. For a moment, he felt detached from reality expecting someone to pop up in the seat in front of him pointing a camera and screaming, “Gotcha!” He fixed his eyes on the file again. Phillip Moore’s wife. Was that why Hanson had made that comment about setting personal involvements aside? Nathan stared at her familiar image for a moment before diving in. Some of the information in it was known to him. Some was brand new. He read the declassified report on Phillip’s death with a heavy heart and the thumping in his chest rose to such a loud racket he thought it would wake Hanson from his beauty sleep.

The more he read about Rachael, the more his frown deepened. Why was she working at the embassy in Israel? How had she come to be assigned as a personal assistant to Blair?

Phillip had been crazy about her, and Nathan understood why as soon as he’d met her. At the time they met, she’d been working on a business associate degree with some difficulty due to the sudden transfer to the US. Neither had mentioned she dabbed in international politics back then. Had she made a career change after Phillip’s death? Guilt punched him in the gut and he held his breath, squeezing his eyes shut to keep self-flagellation at bay.

He’d gone through that cycle many times before. He wasn’t about to slide down that road again. If that was how he could redeem himself, he was going to take it.


About the authors


Writing had touched Chris Almeida’s and Cecilia Aubrey’s lives in different ways through the years but had never taken flight. It was in 2010, when Chris and Cecilia met and began role-playing online as a hobby, that writing placed itself front and center in their lives.

Chris and Cecilia have since chosen to release all their titles independently. They have several short stories and two novels published under their own label, Éire Publishing, and are vocal supporters of independent publishing done right. They are currently working on the third novel in their series. Through all the chaos and laughter, they still hold true to their roots, bringing their favorite role-play characters and stories to life.

You can find them at:


Chris Almeida -

Cecilia Aubrey -

Authors Facebook Fan Page -

Series Facebook Fan Page -


Chris & Cecilia-

Countermeasure Series -


Chris -

Cecilia -

You can enter the two Rafflecopter giveaways below. You can enter the draw for one of 10 Countermeasure Series Swag Packs containing nine bookmarks and a bracelet (I <3 ALPHA GEEKS) and also enter the giveaway for a chance to win a digital ARC signed copy of ALTERNATE CONNECTION once it becomes available.

Thank you for joining us!

Rafflecopter code for the ARC giveaway

Rafflecopter code for the 10 Swag Packs giveaway

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Let Love In by Melissa Collins


I WAS in awe of this book. Both main characters, Maddy and Reid, had guarded hearts. Neither knew how to heal until they met and fell in love on the dance floor.

The lost that the two experienced although different but very much the same will have you in tears. Reid has the heart of all hearts and the good grace to make you melt. Maddy has a soul that needs to be mended and the ability to make you adore her instantly. Well together they are wonderfully cute but their past hold a key to unexpected events.

A fairytale for the new ages is my opinion. Melissa kicked ass on this book and had me in tears at the end. What was to be expected was nowhere near what actually happened. Stay in your seats ladies because the BEST is yet to be seen. I am so waiting on book 2 TBR July 31st. I give this book 5 hearts.


What would happen if you lost everything? If the people who were supposed to
love you unconditionally were no longer there for you, how would your world
change? That’s exactly what happened to Madeleine Becker when her parents died
when she was ten years old. Ripped from her home and everything that she has
ever loved, she is forced to start all over again. The only way for her to move
on is to build walls around her heart and keep everyone at a safe distance. Her
logic: she can't get hurt if she doesn't fall in love. That theory is blown to
pieces when she meets Reid Connely during her freshman year at college. He is
gorgeous and darkly mysterious. He understands Maddy's pain all too well, but
sharing his pain would mean breaking down the walls he put up around his own
heart. Conflicted between loving Maddy and hiding his dark past, Reid starts to
reevaluate his world. Maddy's inner strength, snarky personality and breath
taking beauty help Reid to make peace with his past. Together they find out what
happens when they let love in.


Author INFO



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Santini's by Melissa Schroeder

Product Details

Men of Service……..

I just enjoyed four novellas about brothers in different areas of service and the women that captured their hearts. I could have given different reviews but it was best to sum them ALL up as “PROTECT ME and I will LOVE YOU FOREVER” status.

Although they were not labeled as dominant men you can tell from the way they handled themselves as well as them wanting their women at ease and satisfied. I just want to be a part of an M/F/M relationship with all of them and me in the center.  The books displayed sex but the romance is what did me in. The heroes took time and advice from each other and parents and went after what they knew their hearts wanted as well as what they life needed. I feel a little push in the right direction always help.

Melissa you did a WONDERFUL job in displaying trials, happiness, grief, and self doubt. It was not over bearing and the stories flowed from one to the next. Joey was the ROCK but MJ kept you laughing. Gee, well he knew how to make you swoon and kept you changing your panties. Leo was a charmer and aimed to please in any way possible. Marco was NO HOLDS BARRED and wanted truth and believed in openness. Vince well he was a goner from the beginning, his heart was set and it just took him a while to quench that thirst.

I would love stories on the Johnson men though…… HINT! Well everyone these are quick must reads in you enjoy MEN IN SERVICE, I certainly DO

Author Links

Book Links

They come separately in e-books

Monday, June 17, 2013

Playing With Fire by Ashley Piscitelli


Release date: July 15th


Madison Stevens has had a shitty life, her mother died at the age four and her father has always blamed her for it. She went through the foster system and is now attending college. Her boyfriend Chris is not willing to share Madison with anyone, not even her friends. 

Her first day at college she meets Carter James, who makes her want everything she never thought she could have. She knows that she should ignore her feelings for Carter, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

As Carter and Madison begin to fall in love, they face many obstacles. Their biggest one is Chris who is not going to let her go easily.

 Playing with Fire will be the first book in a three book series. It is about the obstacles that stand in your way on the path to love. It tests the characters strength and commitment to each other on every level from old boyfriend/girlfriends, to insecurities, and throws a little violence and scheming into the mix.

"Chris was like fire. It was pretty to look at but if you got too close you got burnt, and if it wasn’t controlled it would destroy everything in its path. Doing what I was about to do with Carter was dangerous, but what can I say I never had parents to warn me not to play with fire."

~*~Cover Reveal~*~ Playing With Fire by Ashley Piscitelli<br/><br/>Learn more here~>


My dad looked at me for a second then shook his head. “Well, what are you gonna do about it? Your mother always said, ‘The choices we make and the chances we take determine our destiny.’ What do you want your destiny to be Carter?”

I already knew the answer to this I had been thinking about it all day. “I want to tell her how much I love her. I want to be with her, make her laugh, and be able to be the one to hold her when she is upset. I want to show her how amazing she is and be the first person in her life to treat her like that. Every time she comes in a room I can’t take my eyes off of her. When she touches me sometimes I need to remember how to breathe.”

He smiled at me. “Well, you have four days with her to show her how it could be. I would take advantage of that if I were you.”

He was right, I needed to show her how it feels to be loved. I know at this point she hasn’t had that since her mom. “Thanks Dad, you really helped.” He sat back in his chair and turned the TV back on.

Tomorrow was going to be day one of make Maddy mine.

Author and Book Info:

Make Mine a Cowboy by Sandy Sullivan


I am SO in the wrong state. Mesa, fictional or not, I am so jealous. This story was HOT, AROUSING, and MOUTH WATERING.

Joel I am into spankings..... Pick ME... Sandy did not disappoint at all. Staying true to her nature of sex and the ranch men. WONDERFUL book...

I am a huge fan of steamy cowboys with the need to please their woman as well has tend to the ranch. The next time I am at a conference for writers I will definitely go for a ride to clear my head to see who rescues me. I am just saying.....

Make Mine A Cowboy (Cowboy Dreamin' 1)


Mesa Arraguso writes about hot cowboys for a living. Being a romance writer has it perks and its drawbacks. She spends a lot of time alone in front of her computer, but she gets to fantasize about incredibly hot men wearing cowboy boots and Stetsons. While visiting San Antonio, Texas for a writer’s conference, she finds herself stranded on the back roads of Bandera only to be rescued by one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever encountered, be it fantasy or for real.

Joel Young is a cowboy. From the top of his Stetson to the tip of his dirty cowboy boots, he’s cowboy through and through. Along with rescuing women when they do silly things like running out of gas miles from town on a dirt road, he spends his days herding cattle, fixing fences and breaking horses.

Can one handsome cowboy and a city-girl from LA find common ground is the Hill Country long enough to see beyond a quick fling?

Buy Links

The Heart of Mine by Amanada Bennett


This Heart of Mine (Raine Series #3) By Amanda Bennett

Tentative release date is July 11, 2013


Kayla seems to have it all. She has a wonderful man who would go to the ends of the earth for her and a family that seems to support her regardless of the consequences.

But is it enough to help her face her demons and to truly find happiness within her heart?

Madison never thought he would be faced with so many life altering decisions at such a young age. he wants to do right by Kayla and his family, but when old wounds reopen he finds himself questioning every choice he has ever made.

Life isn't all it seems for these two and they're coming to the realization that there will always be someone wanting to come along and destroy it all.

Will following her heart prove to be the right decision, or will it be the one thing that could make the only man she's ever loved, say good-bye for good?

Author Links and Books Links




 Author Website



Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Needful Heart by J.M. Madden

True events in a fiction outline..........

This is a love story that will touch the heart of many. Not only were the life event of the hero so on point and common in today's society but his self doubt was a total turn on. Matt knew in his mind his past may be a problem of securing the woman he pined after for four years but that didn't stop hos sexual urges to please the hunger in her eyes. Gina was a fierce woman who knew what she wanted and had a heart big enough to take care of the world.

I was in awe of the book and it kept me engaged from beginning to end and wanting more of what is to come and hopefully a book two. I feel this is a HFN book and there should be MORE.... I thank the author for the referral because I was so not disappointed. Although I am a fan of another series in which she write. J.M. Madden is wonderful and she captivates you from beginning to end. Make you feel that you are the characters or know someone who has lived her stories. I give this book 4 1/2 hearts.


Matt Calvin has watched Gina Carruthers sway up and down the doctor's office
hallway once a month for four long years. It’s time to do something about this
fascination he has with her. He knows he's not relationship material, but he
doesn’t expect it to get that far. He just wants to talk to her, and put himself
out of his misery once and for all. Things never go as planned, though, and when
fantasy crashes and burns into reality, Gina pays the price.
Gina doesn’t
blame Matt for her injury, but she is appreciative when he steps into her crazy
life to help out. Proximity fires the sudden attraction between them and Gina
can’t believe she’s overlooked the sexy carpenter for this long. Tattooed and
intimidating, he’s not the type she's normally drawn to, but something about him
tugs at her heartstrings.
When a dire situation develops and they have to
save a little boy, Matt loses control of his tightly held emotions. Though his
heart aches, Matt walks away, both for Gina’s safety and his own sanity. It’s up
to Gina to convince him love can heal any heartache.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hers To Command by Patricia Knight

Hers to Command by Patricia A. Knight

My blog was given the ARC for an honest review. I recruited Kimberly Hill because she read scif-fi romance books. Her review is as follows......

I would give the book 3 1/2 stars. The thing I didn't like so much about the book was some of the wording. It was hard to understand what some of the words meant. I know some authors put up a little dictionary of words they use or make for their stories and that would have made it a bit easier. It was slow going for me at first due to this but once I got used to the wording it took off for me.

I loved the characters and the scenes were HOT!!!! It was a fairly good read.

Buy Link

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beautifully Twisted (teaser) - by Jennifer Domenico

Here is a teaser from newly released....... BEAUTIFULLY TWISTED

“Don’t back away from me, Alexa. No more of that.”

Her breathing quickens. She wants to run, but there is nowhere to go. Once again, Scott Patrick has her backed against a corner.


“Let me talk first.” He moves in close; so close his body presses up against her. She closes her eyes, absorbing his scent and his closeness. He always smelled like money and sex. It was the best smell on the planet to her.

Scott reaches out and strokes her cheek. “Open your eyes, baby. Come on.” She does and locks her green eyes with his black ones. “You’re gorgeous, you know that, Alexa?”

“Scott, let me go.”

        “I can’t, baby girl. Can’t you see that?"


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Playing the Part by Robin Covington

Playing the Part


Playing the Part by Robin was an amazing love story. With hero being an actor who wanted more out of his career than action movies and a heroine being a writer needing the spark of inspiration for her long overdue book; the came together strongly.

I was drawn in from the beginning spark of Mick and Piper at the studio. There were no two people who needed a lesson in romance than one who never experienced it and one who got burned when given her all. What one lacked in confidence and sass the other had in spades. I laughed, cried, and felt the burning fire. The lesson and union was portrayed beautifully and had you guessing wrong on the cliffhangers.

Robin has another best seller on her hands with this contemporary romance novel. She portrayed the characters sexual appetite as well as their weaknesses with real life events of celebrity life. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to read prior to release. This is a MUST buy book when it becomes available on June 10.


After publicly self-destructing over a heartbreak a year ago, bestselling romance writer Piper James is now making nice with her publisher by agreeing to teach Hollywood's favorite action star how to act like he's in love. Only playboy Mick Blackwell has no clue what love looks like. When a seductive heat ignites between Piper and Mick, she jumps at the chance for a bit of fun between the sheets, but with two stipulations: she's kept out of the public eye and things end when she returns to New York. Only Mick keeps changing the rules on her. Tempted by America's favorite bad boy, Piper is wondering how far she's willing to bend...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Submit by Melody Anne


Product Details

Well what I can say about Melody Anne book 2 in the Surrender Series, Submit, is that it is 2013 Fifty Shades with an intriguing edge. I was drawn in by the cliff hanging book one and when I started the second one the idea hit me.

Ari had a decision to make and the choice she made had me screaming at her in the first chapter.  I was happy she had a reason and backbone with that decision or I would have just given up and hated her lack of spine. She was a girl on a mission after she figured out what it actually was and decided to accept nothing less.

Rafe is the love of my life because regardless of how stand-offish he tried to be, he was a sweetheart to the bone. I severe hard break had his heart locked with a key but every now and again it was unlocked and exposed. The more he tried to hide his feelings the more they showed in his actions and the way he handle situations.

Melody did a GREAT job with this much anticipated release. Although the heroine was portrayed weak she came out strong and had the hero being the one who ULTIMATELY, Submitted. I am waiting for September for book three, Seduce.

If you enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy then you will be hooked on these books as well. No the HERO is not FUCKED up but has commitment issues from past hurt and betrayal of ex-wife and best friend. The first book is Surrender which is out in e-book and paperback. I give this book 4 1/2 ♥'s