Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beautifully Twisted (teaser) - by Jennifer Domenico

Here is a teaser from newly released....... BEAUTIFULLY TWISTED

“Don’t back away from me, Alexa. No more of that.”

Her breathing quickens. She wants to run, but there is nowhere to go. Once again, Scott Patrick has her backed against a corner.


“Let me talk first.” He moves in close; so close his body presses up against her. She closes her eyes, absorbing his scent and his closeness. He always smelled like money and sex. It was the best smell on the planet to her.

Scott reaches out and strokes her cheek. “Open your eyes, baby. Come on.” She does and locks her green eyes with his black ones. “You’re gorgeous, you know that, Alexa?”

“Scott, let me go.”

        “I can’t, baby girl. Can’t you see that?"


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