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Unexpected Treasure by Melody Anne


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In this new series, you will meet Richard Storm and his five children, and the
circumstances that ripped him away from his brothers, Joseph and George
Anderson. See how they finally meet. The bonds of an Anderson bloodline are too
strong to keep their family apart forever. Richard Storm is saddened that his
children are throwing away their lives, and offers them an ultimatum. They have
two years to take a failing business and make it a success or they lose their
trust funds, and are on their own. His stubborn children think he’s gone insane,
but they don’t know the powerful secret that can knock them to their knees and
tear their family apart. Will they come together as they should, or will
self-centeredness consume their hearts, ripping their family apart forever? Crew
Storm opens an exclusive resort in the Catalina Islands off the coast of
California, and pride swells within him as he accomplishes the impossible.
Everything is going on track until a blond steps into his life and begs him to
teach her how to be the perfect seductress after she researches his technique of
charming and luring women to his bedroom. Haley Sutherland is done with her
fears, done being a wallflower and done being invisible. She comes up with a
brilliant idea to find the perfect person to teach her how to seduce the man she
truly wants. Though, the person she’s chosen to be her teacher is Crew Storm,
soon she finds she’s forgetting her first love’s name. This story will take you
on a journey through the heart as Crew teaches Haley more than she ever
imagined, and finds himself gaining more than he thought he needed. Reunite with
the Andersons as they discover new relatives and meet this new branch in the
Anderson line. Will love truly conquer all, or will stubbornness make them lose
everything they never knew they had.


“Do not chicken out!” she snarled under her breath before stepping from the shadows and making her way down the beautiful slate walkway. She’d parked around the corner, since the resort wasn’t open yet and management wasn’t allowing in cars, trying to prevent an early mob.

Though she should be trying to be a femme fatale at the moment, she was woefully underdressed in her loose linen blouse and jean capri pants. She’d been in school for the past three years, plus working part-time at a small stationary store and she never had the energy to dress up or worry about clothes. It had taken her five years of therapy to work up the courage to go to college in the first place, or she would have been finished with her education by now.

Though she’d received a large inheritance when she was nineteen, she hated using the money because her grandparents hadn’t wanted her to have it. They’d just never made a will, and because she was their only heir, the money had come to her. She was sure that if they’d taken the time to designate beneficiaries, they would have left it all to their precious birds rather than to her.

Still, there were times it was necessary for her to dip into her substantial funds. This was one of those times.

It was now or never.

“Are you lost?” Haley stopped the shiver fighting to travel down her spine from just the deep timbre of his voice. Oh yes, she had chosen well. This man could teach her all she wanted to know. He was sex personified.

“No. I’m looking for you, Mr. Storm.”

Nervous tension filled her as his gorgeous eyes gave her body the once-over. When they reached her face, she had the feeling that he’d checked her out and found her wanting.

Too bad!

She’d planned this down to the smallest detail, and she’d make him help her.

“And what can I do for you, miss?”

Oh, the promise in his tone was what women’s wet dreams were made of. She knew he spoke to every woman this way. She’d studied him, read about how effortlessly he flirted — how women fell at his feet. With one snap of his fingers, females young and old were panting, their salivary glands in overdrive.

“Haley Sutherland,” she said a little breathlessly as she stuck out her hand.

After a slight pause, he grasped her fingers and squeezed, then slowly lifted their entwined hands to his mouth and ran his lips across the top of her knuckles, his warm breath brushing over her skin.

“This!” Haley practically shouted as excitement filled her.

Crew’s normal cool seemed to be shaken; he stared at her in confusion. The expression on his face was almost comical as he stood frozen with his lips only a couple of inches from her skin.

“I want you to teach me how to seduce someone. I have been reading about you, studying the way you flirt, how you can have any woman you want. I want you to teach me how to get a man, how to make him want me so much that he can’t see straight, how to make him drop to his knees.”

“Ummm…are you drunk?” Crew asked after a long pause as he dropped her hand and took a retreating step. Haley had no doubt he thought she was crazy. Perhaps she was at the moment.

However, now that she was warmed up, she couldn’t hold back. She followed his steps, not realizing what she was doing until he bumped against the outside wall of his resort and her hand was pressed against his chest.

“I know this seems weird, and maybe I should have eased into it, but I am in love with a man who doesn’t know I’m alive and my psych professor suggested that I ask him out as a way of getting over my fears, but I get all tongue-tied around him, which just can’t happen. I want you to teach me how to make him want me — desire me — need me! I have money. Lots of it. I’ll pay you any amount you want if you will agree to be my teacher.”

Haley didn’t feel a trace of fear as she gazed into Crew’s eyes. All she felt was exhilaration. She knew he could do it — he could turn her from the wallflower she’d always been into a seductress who would get her man.

“Let me get this straight. You want to pay me to teach you how to seduce a man?”

“Yes!” she gasped, relieved he was starting to get it.

“I honestly don’t know what to say.” His tone of voice didn’t alert her at all to what he was thinking.

“Say yes.”



I originally wasn't taking the Andersons beyond Joseph and George. It was the 2 of them, and then a few years later, I planned on telling the stories of all the grandchildren, in shorter romances, grouped together. Several months back, a fan, Cindy, contacted me with a dream she'd had where Joseph and George were sitting at the table and they saw the newspaper article and then find out they had a missing triplet. I was in love with the idea instantly and it had the wheels turning in my head. A lot of the prologue is from her dream, with a few tweaks from me, but the idea was completely hers. So then I created the Storm branch of the family and that's how Unexpected Treasure became to be. I was beyond excited and truly hope the fans love this book as much as they've embraced all the other Anderson books.



Who was the person that introduced you to your mate?

What "Unexpected Treasure" did you find in this person?


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  1. My hubby introduced himself to me in high school. The unexpected treasure I found was him.was he was thoughtful, loving, kind and I could not have ask for and more romantic person to come into my life. He has given me 55 years of enjoyment along with 4 children ( 1 adopted). We have 6 Grand children and 2 great grand sons who we cherish.

  2. I have to give credit to my friend Natasha for introducing me to my husband when she invited me to a youth/young adults meeting. He is a treasure because, in addition to the usual caring and protective side, he love to cook and is a better housekeeper than I am.

  3. Shirley BuchananJune 30, 2013 at 9:08 AM

    My brother-in-law introduced me to my husband. Although I thought he was tougher than most people I knew, I found out he was just shy with girls. He is one of the most thoughtful, loving and romantic people I know. He is loyal, funny and loves me unconditionally. Now that is a Treasure.

  4. I introduced myself to my husband when we were at the pool by our house when I was 13. My unexpected treasure in him is his ability to stand by me no matter what, like he's done for all these years.

  5. Nobody introduced. Us we meant at work