Thursday, July 4, 2013

Embattled Minds by J.M. Madden


Where do I start off with this review? Hmm, let’s just say it is an eye opener for all the shallow beings in the world. Zeke is a man of many scars as well as speech impairment and feel the eyes of the world watching him. Ember is a watchful eye, but for a different reason. She sees the scars as a marking of honor and giving of his life in which many will not do. Her goal is to make him see she is not running away from his battle scars but running to him with love, support, and self esteem in which he now lacks.

I was in awe of the message in which J.M. Madden portrayed in the book. Not only did she display facts of self doubt in injured military but also in people who have the courage to love them with all their heart. I may be a bias fan but the stories of the men working for LNF Security, are heart-warming, tear jerking, and a breath of fresh air. This series is a must read for all fans of military and romance. I have to give you a clip of my favorite line of the story……

“Hi Drew. I’m Zeke. My face got hu-hurt when I was a Marine and trying to help some people. Did your mom ever tell you the Humpty D-d-dumpty story?” he waited for the child to nod.”Well, I’m kind of like Humpty, only the wall fell on me, and broke me.”

Drew’s dark eyes widened dramatically, and he looked at Zeke with new respect.”Really?”

The big man nodded. “It did. Then They c-couldn’t put me back together j-j-just right.”

This brought tears to my eyes because regardless of him sacrificing his life Zeke still felt himself as “fugly”. As they say beauty is skin deep and Ember showed him that her love was real and he was stuck with her until the end. Thank you, J.M. Madden for a wonderful story.




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