Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fall into my Heart by Rebecca Elise

They say you should never judge a book by its reviews and that totally holds true to “Fall into my Heart” by Rebecca Elise. I came across this release on Facebook through an author suggestion and was not disappointment.  I am a huge supporter of Indie Authors and this debut release is a NICE read.


Three months after finding her fiancé in bed with another woman, Chloe Carver decides she needs a change and relocates from New York to London.

Her hope is that she will become more daring and impulsive. What she doesn’t expect is Jack, her hot rocker neighbor, who manages to turn her from a confident young woman into a bumbling fool at the sight of his crooked smile and gorgeous blue eyes. She makes the decision to avoid him at all costs, which seems like it could possibly work until she realizes that she is the new publicist for his band.

Sparks quickly fly between Chloe and Jack and they jump head first into a relationship. Add in the never ending antics of Jack’s band mates, a high maintenance actress and a playboy surfer and Chloe’s life becomes more exciting than she ever thought it could be. Just when things seem to being going so well, a surprise visit from Chloe’s ex will bring everything to a screeching halt.

Will Jack and Chloe’s relationship be strong enough to survive or will other factors be enough to tear them apart?


Chloe was just a doll; she had sass, ambition, and was a klutz. Her inner thoughts made you laugh and want to help her out in ALL her dilemmas. I especially got a soft heart when it came to her and Jack. They were meant to be together and fit like a glove in public and in the bedroom. I did want to choke him but the author portrayed him in typical man fashion. Letting his pride get in the way of what his heart really wanted.

The ending touched my heart and the way Jack came to his senses and embraced the future in which we knew was for him brought tears to my eyes. I want my own song, regardless of how the thought of making it come about.

I want to applaud Rebecca on a job well done and I am totally awaiting book 2. You will definitely see a review from me as well as promotion of that book as well.








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