Friday, July 19, 2013

The Break-Up Psychic by Emily Hemmer


Ellie was a girl with instincts out of this world. When heart-break or the wrong guy was around she heard warning bells. It was when she really wanted to hear them nothing sounded. Not trusting her heart or the instincts that NEVER steered her wrong she pushed away her PRINCE CHARMING.....

Ellie mind and body was drawn to "bad boy" Sam from when he first walked into the bar. What she didn't know he was drawn to her six months prior while sitting at a stop light. In life you need to rely on your feeling and a little advice from wise elderlies. That is the only way you will overcome the negativity of others as well as yourself. Faith comes before trust, that is something I learned by reading and the realization that hit Ellie when all things came crashing down.

Sam was a man scorned but also knew that the past needs to stay where it is and "trust" is what you need to have in order to know how your future will pan out. He believed in a little "experiment" to see what a person future will hold. I will just say I will be his test subject at anytime. He was REAL and had a heart of GOLD. The empitome of "you can't judge a book by it's cover".

Together they were unstoppable but apart they had obstacles that was working against them. Emily hit the nail on the head with cheating men, women who thought their looks will seal deals, as well as the knowledge of an elderly that has experienced it ALL. Capturing the doubts women feel then their past just keeps repeating itself over and over. I personally need that psychic ability in my life. I am pleased with book and am ready for book two. GREAT job, Emily and thank you for allowing me to read and review your book.



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