Saturday, July 6, 2013

Unexpected Treasure by Melody Anne


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Well Crew and Haley were a fire needing an extinguisher from the very beginning. I am so happy how in the beginning she never said he will change her but help her find what is already there. Along the way she not only found that person but embraced the opportunity to become more than just “a shadow”.

I am a TRUE fan of the Anderson’s and teamed up with the Storm’s they are a family to be reckoned with. I would confess that I wanted more of the brothers coming to terms of being separated at birth but the love story I was delivered made up for that in spades.

Melody not only told a story of family and the importance of it in the prologue but she also gave a story have family can bring you to your lowest points in life. An even stronger person as well as family can help you overcome the negativity of your upbringing and see the good in what you have to offer.

I look forward to the journey in which the Anderson/Storm will take me and especially look into the meddling of the triplets at play. This book is a MUST read for the message behind the love story alone. The Unexpected Treasure was the heroine, what she found in herself.



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