Sunday, August 11, 2013

Worth the Effort by Mara Jacobs

When your past meets your present.....

Worth The Effort (Worth Series #4)


If it was easy, it wouldn't be worth it.

Deni Casparich has been obsessed with the story of the Brockway Mountain Hermit since she was a kid. Little did she know he was her hottie of a boss.

Sawyer Beck is not the legendary hermit, but having spent the last ten years of his life in near seclusion, he might as well be. Pulled back into real life, Sawyer begins working together with Deni on his engineering firm's big new project. Who knew protractors and slide rules could be so sexy?!

But Sawyer's haunted past and Deni's shaky present are putting up obstacles at every turn. Can these two engineers build on a foundation of more than mutual attraction?

Is their love...Worth The Effort?


I was waiting for this book and was not disappointed. Deni and Sawyer was a match made in heaven. The age difference never mattered because deep down they understood each other on a personal stand point and on an emotional level. The struggles were match and heart warming.

I cried when Sawyer told the story of his wife. I know is had to be hard when the person who loved you could not help. The guilt in his heart was understood by his family and friends but when he ruled it suicide when everyone sugar coated it I pulled out the tissue. Deni knew her role was to hug and comfort the pain. I could have choked him when he deemed himself unable to go through what he went through with his wife when Deni shut down but I also understood.

Deni was a spitfire when needed be, she never held nothing back when she told him exactly how she felt. She was strong and a fighter and started opening up as much as she could without letting everyone in on her health secret. She had hope that is would pass.

All worked out in the end and as book 4 in the series came to a close, I am anticipating book 5. Thank you Mara for another wonderful life experience book. The situations draw you in as a "could be moment". I TOTALLY recommend the entire series a must read.


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