Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jaimie Fire & Ice by Sandra Marton



Zach Castelianos and Jaimie Wilde meet by accident. The attraction between them is instantaneous and hot, hot, hot. Zach is a woman’s dream: he’s tall, dark and ruggedly handsome, but there’s a dangerous edge to him and Jaimie Wilde is a cautious woman.

They’re wrong for each other. Zach knows it. So does Jaimie, but surely one night of steamy sex won’t change their lives… until Jaimie needs protection from an obsessed stalker and Zach is the only man who can provide it.


I was given this book for an honest review and I was pulled in from the beginning....

Zach was a sex craved closed off protection genius. He was sex on a stick with the drive to get to the bottom of EVERYTHING regardless if it seemed right or wrong. It was wrong to withhold the truth but in the end three words sealed his future.  Him and Jaimie were a match made in paradise. He let her in when he didn't even realize he was and she enjoyed the right now even though it was never in her plan.

Jaimie was an ordered math genius who always went with her gut and plan that was formed weeks in advance. Zach was nothing like she expected but EVERYTHING her body and life needed. It is just so much to say for a friendship with family that will always be there for you because the Wilde family have that in spades. I can go on and on about how Sandra nailed it with love, drama, sex, and togetherness but you will have to read it. I give this book a 5 hearts and wish I can give it more.

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