Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tease Me by Melissa Schroeder



A man who thinks he has what he wants.

Bran Johnson always knew he wanted to be a Marine. What makes it even better is longtime gal pal TK is now stationed at the same base. Unfortunately, Bran is having a hard time dealing with his feelings when he realizes that TK is considered a hot commodity on base. Worse, he finds himself taking a backseat to her admirers.

A woman who always wished for more.

Tess Keller has loved Bran since they were in high school. The former football captain always treated her like a friend so she tried to move on. Unfortunately, he’s in her business constantly now. One passionate argument leads to more than either of them expected. Tess knows it isn’t going to last because Bran is never going to settle down. So, to save face, she suggests they stay friends, only with the side benefit of being sometime lovers.

A Marine determined to win at all costs.

Bran agrees to the friends with benefits idea just to keep himself close to Tess. She might think he’s not around for the long haul, but this is one Johnson brother who knows exactly what he wants…and just how to get it. And what he wants is Tess in his bed and in his life forever. Nothing will stop him, not even Tess herself


I was gifted this book for a HONEST review and let me tell you, I LOVE  a Marine. Brandon and Tess was a riot. They were fighting feelings of friendship and lover in a way that made you laugh and feel sorry for them all at once.

I enjoyed the "hardcore" attitude of Tess as well as the "lady" aspect of her attitude. She gave Bran as good as he delivered and then some. Bran was living in the past and feeling sorry for his decisions of staying away and not being that "friend". It was funny how EVERYONE sent hints that the two were a match made in heaven but they denied it to themselves, each other, and others. I really enjoyed how he DOMINATED her in the end and told her what was going to happen. It is funny how the heart and body know what the mind try to keep out.

The sexual tension was strong and with it being a novella the story line was there from beginning to end. If you are a fan of military romance and a good banter then I suggest you READ this.

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