Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kilted Desire 2 Russian Roulette by A.B. McKinley

Review by Kimberly Hill

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After his recent adventures in the Middle East, all Scott Maclaren wanted to do was relax. He looked forward to his new life as a family man.

But, things never seem to ‘go-as-planned’ for the tough Scotsman.

Soon, after his return to the U.S., Scott finds himself catapulted back in to the thick of
action. Once again, he is called upon and will need ‘all’ of his Special Forces skills, as he battles new foes.

The excitement and drama heat up, both inside and outside the bedroom in this romantic thriller. This suspenseful sequel is filled with even more action, adventure and passion.


Scott Maclaren wants a break and he definitely deserves one after all he went through in the Middle East.  But just when he thinks things will get back to normal, everyday activity his world is once again turned upside down.  Will this hunky Scotsman ever get a break?

After all he went through before, he decided he was done with that life and wanted a break from all the war and battles.  But with his Special Forces skills something is bound to come up, and Scott is once again thrown back into the world he is trying so hard to forget.  What will happen this time with our favorite Scotsman and will he be able to finally settle down and have a normal life?

Mercy….I am almost speechless but I will force the words out.  After reading book one yesterday I knew I had to purchase book 2.  I had NO PLANS of starting it yesterday.  I was going to give my over heated brain a break from all the hot Scotsman.  That didn’t last maybe an hour and I was right back to reading and absorbed again.  A.B. McKinley has put together another very well written book and it will be hard to wait for the release of book 3.  The action in this book is amazing and the romance is hot.  I highly recommend this book to anyone with a sense of adventure!  This book will have you in its grasp from page one!


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