Friday, October 11, 2013

Kilted Desire 3 New Blood by A.B. McKinley Cover Reveal

Kilted Desire


Lots of things tae find oot!
What will Scott’s answer be tae the question posed at the end of book 2?
Will he move tae California?
Just who was he running his tongue and scratchy face over?
Who the fook is Jake?
Will he get his quiet peaceful life?
All these questions and more will be answered in Kilted Desire 3- New Blood….

Teasers for Kilted Desire 3- New Blood,   Book will be available October 25th

“Slowly he started to slide down, her body, first letting his tongue and scratchy unshaven face glide over her neck , then her breasts and stomach…….”

“ For a split second Jake dropped his guard, and Scott took advantage. He landed a vicious round-house kick to the side of Jake’s head stunning him…….”


Book 1-  Kilted Desire- Sands of Betrayal

Book 2- Kilted Desire- Russian Roulette



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