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Barely Surviving by Courtney Cross

Barely Surviving by Courtney Cross

Genre: erotic romance

He was captivating, scorching hot and wickedly tempting. The epitome of power and strength encased in the body of an angel and he had possessed me. Need for him coursed through my veins white hot and I had been incomprehensively burned”

Our connection had been instant, intense and all consuming, seriously unexplainable to most, but crystal clear to us.

Jonah Jacobson was the summation of all my fears, nightmares and smouldering deep desire. After living a life that knew only pain, violence and fear inflicted by successful, power driven men, everything he signified should have repelled me but it didn’t.

The driving force of our bodies needing to merge was immediate from the day he walked into my life. I was beyond wealthy, heiress to millions, but inside I was a numb, empty shell that he saw. He saw what lay within, the poison that runs through my veins. He saw the real me. And still he wanted me anyway.

But I also had secrets. Secrets I believed, if they were to be released, would shatter both our lives and destroy the tangible pulse of vibrant male sexuality the other half of my soul required to live.

Jonah had his own torment to bear, his own tragedies and heartbreak to carry. Both tired of barely surviving, my biggest fear was if our secrets were to be unleashed and truths were told, the lifeline he gave me would break and so would my heart, Forever.

‘Barely Surviving’ is the first novel in a two part series that follows the lives of a career driven, sexually virile alpha male and a strong willed, sensual female. Their connection is instantaneous, sexually charged and highly electric. Both characters are products of tragic childhoods who struggle to shake the shackles of their past and begin to live in the present. In each other they discover the other half of their soul, the one person alive who calls to their bodies and minds like no other. Driven to stop ‘barely surviving’ and begin living, they attempt to put their pasts where they belong and merge into the world of the living with each other.



Jonah’s hand flexed at his sides, his stance predator like as his eyes never left mine. Swaying my hips and running my hands provocatively through my hair I twirled around the pole, bending, thrusting and showcasing my body with every turn. Fingers ran down the length of my body, riding the swell of my chest and tracing the flatness of my stomach as I arched my back then crouched low while remaining locked into Jonah’s stare. Sweat clung to my skin and hair as I continued my seduction, lost to the music and my highly sexual behaviour. He only had eyes for me, mine only for him. He watched the fullness of my ass, the gyration of my hips as if indulging in foreplay. As the song concluded, I backed up to the pole, reaching a hand above my head. Mouthing the words towards the end of the song, words that described my mood exactly, my body slid down the pole. My thighs parting as I sank into a crouch. Placing a hand strategically to hide my moist, aching sex, the brief flash of skin at the apex of my thighs made Jonah suck in a harsh breath and bunch his fists so fiercely his knuckles were almost white. The rush of power mixed with adrenaline was heady; Jonah’s reaction stirred my hunger. He was lost to my performance, enthralled in the show which only intensified our collective need. I remained in that position until the music volume tailed off, the crowd refocusing. Whistles and cheers resounded around the room as the moment passed and reality crashed down. Standing, I exited the stage, aware of the suggestive comments and daggered glares thrown at me from both males and females. Ignoring my surroundings I headed straight for Jonah, launching myself into his arms and wrapping my legs around his waist. I moaned as my sex found his erection and his fingers dug into my ass.

“Bad girl Savannah,” he growled. His eyes were heavy almost trance like. His ardour was evident, hot and thick against the crease of my sex.

“Just putting it out there,” my slow sexy smile indicated I had more than made my point.

A dark brow arched as I wriggled against his hardness. “I think the fact you make my cock hard as steel is currently on show for all to see.”

I rocked against him again, harder, my clit swelling against the feel of him so hard and ready.

“Savannah,” his warning as he gripped my ass and urged me closer made me groan. A sound of need he returned.

“The fact you got off on my show is pure semantics Mr Jacobson. Now no woman will be in doubt.”

The hand supporting my spine squeezed at the nape tilting my head back. His tongue tasted my neck as it swept over the damp skin, ascended over my chin and ended in my mouth. I sucked it teasingly, silently promising to do the same when wrapped around his cock…..later. He pulled his head away a fraction, “I’m going to fuck you in front of the entire club if you keep that up.”

I tightened my legs around his waist needing to be closer, my sex wet and needy in anticipation of him making good on his threat.

“Fuck Ava, do you really want to do this here? I will if that’s what it takes to satisfy that delicious pussy of yours.”

The fact his self-restraint was slipping because of me and how I affected him made me burn for him more.

 “Do that and they will definitely get the message.”

His lips crushed mine with a groan that vibrated against my chest. His tongue probed wet and deep as it fucked my mouth with long, firm licks.

“What’s the message Ava?” He already had the answer; he needed to hear it from my own lips. Nipping his jaw gently I worked my way from his ear to his full sinful lips.

“You’re mine,” I whispered against his mouth.

Clutching me to his chest, he buried his head in my sweat clad locks “Baby” he breathed. Placing my hands beside his head I tilted it backwards as my eyes took him in. “Take me home and screw me hard” I ordered.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he replied, his mouth taking mine as he carried me easily out of the club.


I was torn with this book because for a while Ava mixed signals with herself and allowing love to consume and be a part of her life, graved at my nerves. Her using sex as an outlet of opening up and facing reality was a push and pull for me. It wasn't until the truth started to unfold and her feeling started mirroring those of Jonah when things started getting interesting and the story took a turn for the absolute BEST in my opinion.

I was not prepared for what was revealed nor what happened after the revealing. After reading the prologue I assumed a different vision from the story that was explained while pushed to the edges of her resolved by Jonah who only wanted "IN". I even shed a tear or two from both revelations in hopes his was not false.

I am eagerly awaiting book two because I am on the brinks of who actually will have the final say and what secret was not told. I have so many ideas going throw my head it is not funny. Courtney captivated my mind and piqued my curiosity of wanting MORE of Savannah Mae and Jonah. This is a GREAT read.

Courtney Cross is a 36 year old mother of three wonderful boys who earlier this year fulfilled a lifetime ambition by putting the workings of her dirty mind into her first erotic romance novel. She is an avid reader of many genres and when not reading or writing, she can be found hanging around football pitches watching her three sons indulge in their passion. With a love of all things erotic, thought provoking and emotionally charged as well as a believer in pushing boundaries, she hopes to be able to continue sharing the workings of her naughty mind with readers of her novels for a long time to come!

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