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Book Description:

On the night of graduation, Brie Bennett offered her collar to the man who’d won her devotion during her time at the Submissive Training Center.

The intimate encounters Brie enjoys with her new Master are hot and deliciously challenging. On the flipside, despite her newly acquired skills, she discovers that being a sub also requires maturity, intelligence and willing sacrifice.

Her Master has a tragic past that he has kept hidden. She is unaware that someone is waiting in the wings, plotting to return and rip his world apart. Brie has troubles of her own, including an obsessive Dom who won’t let her go, parents who refuse to accept her new lifestyle, and a film that is struggling to see the light of day.

Brie’s journey with her Master brings both sweet ecstasy and unbearable pain. Friendships deepen and love grows, even as her life begins to crumble around her. To survive, Brie will need the strength of a love that binds her securely—heart and soul.



Excerpt from Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission (Brie Tastes the Bullwhip):

Sir warmed up before giving Brie her first taste of his whip. The waiting made it that much more arousing and frightening.

“Are you ready, téa?”

“Yes, Master.”

The light caress of her Master’s whip took the experience to a whole new level. Brie moaned in satisfaction.

He continued to warm her skin with gentle strokes from his bullwhip, making the encounter delicious, not distressing. The control Sir showed was a testament to the amount of time he’d practiced.

“Now that her skin is prepared, it’s time to increase the sensation,” Master Anderson stated.

Brie forced herself to stay relaxed as she waited for Master Anderson to take his stance. He described his actions to Sir as he caressed her back with a more demanding stroke. It was strong enough to take her breath away.

She took a quick glance behind her and noticed that a larger crowd had gathered as Sir stepped into position behind her. Brie closed her eyes. There was no fear, only anticipation as she waited for her Master’s stroke.

But Brie cried out in surprise and pain when the end of his whip made contact. It was much harder than Master Anderson’s. She heard Sir mutter under his breath, “Fuck!”

“To be expected, all part of the learning process. You flicked your wrist at the end,” Master Anderson explained. “Try again, but be conscious of that.”

Brie did not realize she had tensed until Master Anderson commanded, “Relax, Brie.”

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. The chains clinked above her as she twisted in place. The movement helped release some of the tension, so she stilled herself for the next stroke.

“That’s my good girl,” Sir praised.

Brie trusted Sir completely, honored to be his first. Despite his extensive experience and the numerous subs he had trained, this was something exclusive—shared only between them. It pleased her to serve him in this way, the two of them a team as he learned to control the bullwhip.

Sir took his time before taking his next swing. Brie gasped at the challenge it provided, but it was not overwhelming as the first had been.

“Color, téa?”

“Green, Master.”

He grunted in satisfaction and began to take her into flight as he stimulated her back with well-placed strokes. Brie moaned in her chains as she began to lose herself to the sensation. Brie could sense the crowd, and it enhanced her experience. Their excitement played into hers. It was a glorious feeling…


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Red Phoenix is an award-winning indie author who began her writing career in December of 2011. She caught the imagination of readers with her little novelette, Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training, which was published in March, 2012. Since then, fans have been riding the Brie wave with the sociable author. In October of the same year, Red published the wildly popular eBook serial into novel form, Brie Learns the Art of Submission. She recently finished Brie’s continuing journey in the book titled, Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission: After Graduation. The epic novel, 542 pages of seductive fun, was published the end of October, 2013.

About the Author:

Red photo



Erotica is a delicious fantasy created to entice both the mind and the body ~Red

“I am a happily married woman who believes, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in my writing.”

Red is a mother of three and wife to one. When she is not writing, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter interacting with fans.

“One thing you will notice about my work, I'm all about variety. If a character beseeches me to write his or her story, I willingly give myself over no matter the genre or subject.”

* Red Phoenix has a total of four books available in paperback and thirty-three titles available as eBooks.


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