Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tasting Cherry "Confessions of a Sex Fiend" by Rayven Godchild

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~ ~ ~ Meet Chancellor Baltimore. With a plan to become a mechanical engineer, he was well on his way until he discovered a new addiction that changed the course of his life. As you read this installment of Confessions of a Sex Fiend, you can decide if this change was for better or for worse. ~ ~ ~

This episode is all about firsts:

First base

First touch

First time

And we get to experience the drama of “firsts” from Chancellor’s point of view as he delivers a first of his own.

Let’s enjoy this tale of a sex fiend as Chancellor breaks the rule that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret…

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Hell, college was nothing more than another version of high school, still getting looked at sideways because you happen to find mathematical formula jokes funny. Same stupid kids and their same stupid shit. So I had no expectations when I rambled on about Star Wars this and Star Trek that.

She listened, truly listened with her eyes on me, laughing and sharing her own thoughts and opinions. It wasn’t anything new to talk to a really pretty girl. Did it plenty of times…tutoring them. That’s it.

But this…

This was so different.

I’ve heard people say, “You should never say never.”

And they’re right.

No way in hell did I realize I’d end up at Denise’s place, her lips and tongue milking the third orgasm of the night from my dick.

Fucking! Amazing!

About Rayven Godchild:

Rayven Godchild is an author of erotica/erotic romance short stories, novels and novellas. Her first published work appeared in a fit of obscurity during a tumultuous time in life. That story, Secret Lilies, will see the light of day again with a lot less stress and a lot more joy surrounding its republication in the very near future. Currently, the Confessions of a Sex Fiend short stories are working their way out into the world, with the first one, Tasting Cherry, as Rayven’s re-debut as an author. Be sure to look for more as the next short story, A VIEW TO ECSTASY, is due out soon.

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