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1 Year Blogiversary Guest Post by Chris & Cecilia

A Memorable Anniversary
January 12, 2013, will go down in the Chris and Cecilia chronicles as a most memorable anniversary. That day marked the one year anniversary of our first novel’s publication. It was a surreal moment for us both to realize that, not only we had a story deep seated in the hands of readers at large, but that many had been enjoying it for a whole year. Since that first click on the publish button, we have not looked back and have continued to write the stories that move us, the way we want to write them.
While enjoying this fantastic journey, we thought we’d share with you a quick look at how we develop some of our most “squirm-in-your-seat” scenes.
Scenes That Make You Squirm

On April 29th we hosted the official release of Take Me, a very short glimpse into our characters’s intimate life. During the release party, we were asked if we ever hit a rut with our love scenes. Our writing process is fairly unique to some degree because we write our scenes using the same technique we use to write RP (Role Play) storylines.
For those who are not familiar with RP, I tend to explain it as a form of online improve written theater where writers take a character and write a paragraph at a time within a short time-frame to fit a plot/scene within the story. The writers might or might not have discussed the path the story will take but they have no clue where the story will lead when they begin playing. Each character contributes to the story in a very spontaneous way and that makes the reactions to the written pieces even more realistic.
We use that same format when writing love scenes. One of us will set the scene deciding the location, situation and begin writing it from the character’s perspective. While on RP, each character writes up to 3 short paragraphs (the optimal RP post for a fast read is only a paragraph long) at a time, in book format, we avoid the head bobbing by extending the POV to longer pieces.
Once the first of us is happy with the beginning scene, we pass it to the other. The second one to touch the document will read it and add the second POV to the scene then return the file to the first. We bounce the file between us until the closing. We look at it as a game where the goal is to make the other squirm. If that doesn’t happen, it means the scene needs improvement. For the record, that happens very seldom.
Once the scene is complete, we move on to polishing it, adding more show elements and more sensory reactions. Sometimes, we are so caught up in the moment that we have to go back and check for consistency (no forgotten or unmentioned clothing item, positions, etc.). Because we write it completely from our character’s perspectives and in deep POV, the whole experience feels like we lived it, not observed it from the outside, which seems to reflect the readers’ experience with the scenes as well.
So, next time you see us bantering on Social Media (and we do that a lot) and you see us talking about setting scene, you can expect a great scene from that.
What is your experience with deep POV love scenes? Do you enjoy them? Do they make you squirm?

Writing had touched Chris Almeida’s and Cecilia Aubrey’s lives in different ways through the years but had never taken flight until 2010, when Chris and Cecilia met and began roleplaying online as a hobby. It was through playing fictional characters in a sort of improv written theater that writing took a central position in their lives. The transition from roleplaying to novel writing was smooth and they attribute the ease of writing realistic characters to their ability to live the scenes through role play.
Chris and Cecilia have since chosen to release all their titles independently. They have several short stories and two novels published under their own label, Éire Publishing, and are vocal supporters of independent publishing done right. They are currently working on the next novel in their series. Through all the chaos and laughter, they still hold true to their roots, bringing their favorite role-play characters and stories to life.
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I owe a LOT of my success to these two wonderful hard working authors and as a gift to YOU the reader I am offering an ecopy of my FAVORITE book in their Countermeasure Series, To Russia With Love. I has a scene that made me squirm and gave me my LOVE for desk. Comment below on a scene in a book that made you SQUIRM.


  1. I am such a character-driven reader that I want to feel the emotions of the characters all the time. When they are fighting or sad or in the throes of passion. I want to live the story with them. And part of that is feeling their anger or hurt and yes, even squirming when they are. Keep up the great writing and congrats on all your success thus far!

  2. I would not say it is a scene from a Book but rather the whole book that made me squirm. It is Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan. I Will love that book forever.

  3. I'm all about emotions..... so a scene won't do you want a book that is full of emotion and makes you squirm well I found The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton it could make me happy sad mad and just heart broken by all the emotions rolling thru that book!!!!