Monday, May 5, 2014

1 Year Blogiversary Guest Post by JM Madden

A year ago today…
Hmmm…It’s not to the day, but a year ago February I had just released Embattled Hearts, and The Embattled Road had released two months before that. In all my writing career, those two books have had the most impact.
When I was working on Embattled Hearts, I knew I was taking a risk. The hero was in a wheelchair and had a nasty attitude. But I knew he was a good guy at heart. He just had to find the right calming influence who believed he was as sexy as I did.
Since those releases, I’ve put out four more Lost and Found books, hit USA Today with one of them, and met a huge amount of amazing people who love my compassionate, obstinate, damaged characters as much as I do.
Mayas was one of the first serious bloggers to love my characters and talk about them as if they were real people. She picked them up and pushed them out to readers she knew would love them as much as she did, and I give her credit for finding a huge part of my audience. I see her swag every day when I look up from my computer!  
Where will I be in a year’s time??? Probably in the same chair at the same desk writing completely new, beautiful, difficult characters for you to fall in love with. I just released Embattled Home, Chad’s book, and yes Mayas, I’ll get you a print book! LOL…

Where do you think you’ll be in a year’s time??? Three commenters will win one of my backlist titles or a signed print book.
If by chance you haven’t read my series, the first book The Embattled Road is always free. You can pick it up HERE.
And if you’d like to pick up my newest release, Embattled Home, you can one-click here.

His Marine training taught him that failure is never an option regardless of circumstances. That certainly applies to Chad's need to stop Lost and Found's deranged client from using the information he gathered to stalk and abuse his ex. Falling in love with the broken woman and her sweet daughter in the middle of rescuing them is definitely not the best timing. But it's also inevitable. In Book 3 of this heart-warming military romance series, Chad will discover that protecting Lora is a much easier task than proving he’s the one man she can finally trust with her heart. 
Weeks of no incriminating evidence should have clued him in sooner about who was the real victim. Now Chad Lowell is wracked with guilt after the woman he’s assigned to investigate is attacked by her abusive ex-husband right under his nose. Lora and her little girl are in incredible danger, and he vows to protect them at all costs, whether the angry and hurt woman wants him to or not. His Marine training makes the protecting part easy, but nothing he does seems to make Lora want to take a chance on him or his love. 
Lora O’Neil left a life of abuse to make a new start for herself and her daughter. When her ex hires Lost and Found Investigative Service to track her down, she’s left reeling both physically and emotionally. The private detective that had been watching her for the past couple of months did finally come to her rescue, but does that mean she should now trust him to help her turn their lives around? The sexy former Marine makes her body feel things she thought she’d never feel for a man again, but she just can’t imagine what it would take for her to heal enough to ever say yes.


  1. Where do I want to be in a year? I want to be in my happy place.

  2. Thank you so much for the giveaway. In a years time I hope to be gainfully employed in a job I love which hopefully deals with books or writing. Happy Blogiversary Reading By The Book and keep up the excellent work.

  3. Hope you are having an awesome blogiversary! !

  4. In a years time I hope to be moved in to a new place to live and maybe doing a little more with my job.

  5. Happy Blogiversary and where do I want to be in a year??? I would like to be stress free but Lol that is not realistic..... I just want to be in a better financial place in a year.....