Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1 Year Blogiversary Guest Post by Ruth Cardello

In celebration of her 1 year blog anniversary, Mayas had asked me to share a little story that talked about a one year anniversary that held a special meaning in my heart.  

When I think about what a 1 year anniversary means to me, I think of my daughter's 1st birthday and how special that milestone was to me.  My now 4 year old is adopted.  I met her when she was first born and we started the adoption process immediately.  The first few months of our lives together were the most beautiful, love-filled and emotionally jolting time of my life.  Those months were filled with many laughs and first moments as well as heart wrenching - "are we going to make it out of this together as a family" moments.  The adoption process is a long and unsure path.  As a family, we held tight and we held on to each other.  We made it through and our little girl became a part of family permanently.  I recall taking a moment on her first birthday to recount our year together.  As I watched my daughter laughing and smiling, while we were surrounded by our family and loved ones, I knew this is what life was about.  That one year showed me the wholeness that only family can bring into your heart.  Everything that I do now in life, from where I live, to my writing career, I do for family.  I do it for that little girl.

Gio Andrade: 
Rich, powerful, sexy. A man who thinks he has everything . . . until he meets Julia. 

Julia Bennett: 
Sweet, spontaneous, and desperate to sell her jewelry line in New York City. She takes a job as a night security guard to pay the rent. 

Sparks fly when she mistakes her boss for an intruder. 

He can’t get her out of his head. She can’t find the strength to deny him. 

Will lies bring them together or tear them apart forever? 

While Ruth is headed to RT in New Orleans how about we show her some love and comment on what city you would like someone to carry you off to. A lucky comment will win a e-copy of Come Away With Me. Also she has donated to the rafflecopter as well as many other authors.


  1. Love Ruth's book this is one of my favorites

  2. Awesome giveaway Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Omg!!!! Ruth that was beautiful.......<3 and Mayas and Reading By the Book Congrats on your 1yr Blogiversary!!!!! may you celebrate many many more!!!!!

  4. I absolutely adore Ruth Cardello and the theme of all her books is family which is the most important people in my life. If I had to be whisked away I would love to go to Milan, Italy for shopping and shoes.

  5. Love Ruth's book. This is one of my favorites of hers

  6. I would like someone to carry me off to Tennessee . I could really use a nice long stay at a cabin in the mountains right now :-)