Monday, May 12, 2014

1 year Blogiversary Guest Post by Beverly Ovalle

1 year.
It means a lot to me. Like Reading by the Book I’ve celebrated some firsts this year. I’ve been a published writer for one year this March. It has been a wild ride. Dragons’ Mate celebrated its first birthday! 

To someone that was scared to submit a manuscript, to now having four novellas out, this past year has been nothing short of amazing.
I wish I could say I’ve gotten fabulously rich and famous in the past year, but, well, only in my mind! LOL.
Since March of 2013, I’ve published Dragons’ Mate with Boroughs Publishing Group, Lightning Strike with Secret Cravings Publishing, A Saint’s Salvation with Secret Cravings Publishing and Touched by the Sandman with Boroughs Publishing Group. An Amazing year in which I hope to round out with three more this year. But, I have to finish and submit them, so we will see.
I have had a blog, much like Reading by the Book called Smile Somebody Loves You. Yes that was a shameless plug! It turned one in February. My BFF, Tamara Hoffa and I started it and it has spawned, in one year, a Facebook page Smile Somebody Loves You, a Facebook page SSLY Reading Room, a twitter page, @SSLYblog and a Pinterest page, SSLY. 
We originally intended it to promote our books, but soon got bored of saying how great we were and started showcasing other authors. In the past year we’ve made some fabulous friends because of it.
My children are grown and moved away. One is overseas in the Marines and the other lives a couple of blocks away, so writing has given me a focus this past year when we finally (woot woot!) became empty nesters!
One more thing too. Mayas, the amazing lady who runs Reading by the Book, has become a friend. It started on Facebook and then we met at Lori Fosters Reader Author Get Together. Then met again in Chicago and have chatted online since. I have no doubt if we lived closer together we’d become closer friends. I have so much fun when I’ve run into her and her sisters.
So Happy Blogiversary Reading by the Book!
Thank you for letting me share this wonderful first in your life.

Beverly Ovalle

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  1. Congrats Beverly Ovalle on your achievements and for going for it when fear can be a scary thing!!!!

    Congrats Mayas and Reading By the Book!!!!!