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Embattled Home by J.M. Madden Blog Tour and Promo Post

 His Marine training taught him that failure is never an option regardless of circumstances.
That certainly applies to Chad's need to stop Lost and Found's deranged
client from using the information he gathered to stalk and abuse his
ex. Falling in love with the broken woman and her sweet daughter in the
middle of rescuing them is definitely not the best timing. But it's also
inevitable. In Book 3 of this heart-warming military romance series,
Chad will discover that protecting Lora is a much easier task than
proving he’s the one man she can finally trust with her heart.

of no incriminating evidence should have clued him in sooner about who
was the real victim. Now Chad Lowell is wracked with guilt after the
woman he’s assigned to investigate is attacked by her abusive ex-husband
right under his nose. Lora and her little girl are in incredible
danger, and he vows to protect them at all costs, whether the angry and
hurt woman wants him to or not. His Marine training makes the protecting
part easy, but nothing he does seems to make Lora want to take a chance
on him or his love.

Lora O’Neil left a life of abuse to make a
new start for herself and her daughter. When her ex hires Lost and Found
Investigative Service to track her down, she’s left reeling both
physically and emotionally. The private detective that had been watching
her for the past couple of months did finally come to her rescue, but
does that mean she should now trust him to help her turn their lives
around? The sexy former Marine makes her body feel things she thought
she’d never feel for a man again, but she just can’t imagine what it
would take for her to heal enough to ever say yes.

Reading by the Book: Since I am a fan of this book I would like for her to touch on a topic about the entire series....

"Loving with your heart not eyes"
You’ve always heard the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but as humans we are programmed genetically to do exactly that. We intrinsically know what type of male appeals to us- our eyes hover over them in a crowd and come back to them often. I’ll admit I look at tall, dark and handsome men. My husband fits all three and I even tend to write dark haired men. And we’ve been raised in a marketing environment of pretty. Pretty, skinny women on magazine covers, with handsome, strong men providing backup. The genetically perfect of the species look for other perfect to breed. It’s a scientific fact.
But when wounded veterans started returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, they weren’t given nearly the attention that they deserved. They had served our country with courage, but barely rated a newspaper article. We can get more info on who just got liposuction to their ass than how an above the knee prosthetic leg works. Believe me, I’ve experienced this. I’ve researched prosthetics extensively, and there isn’t really that much out there. There were over 32,000 direct injuries to service men in the Iraq war according to the Pentagon, but these were direct injuries. Bullet wounds, bomb blasts. When you factor in secondary injuries- PTSD, depression, hearing loss, lingering chronic illnesses- that number jumps to over half a million. Yes, we’re seeing more articles now about awesome recoveries and things like that, but we’re also seeing vets still being thrown out of restaurants because they have a service dog.
I’ve always been an advocate of the underdog, and there is nothing more beautiful to me than that underdog finding love, in spite of all the challenges. I made it a point when I wrote this series that the heroes and heroines would not be perfect physically. Because very few in this world actually are. And the state in which our veterans returned home should not be shameful and swept under the rug. It should be marked as a badge of courage for a valiant warrior and recognized by the public the same way. These men walked into danger without hesitation to protect us here at home. These are true heroes.
Am I bucking a time-honored system writing disabled vets? Yep, I hope so, and I hope the public learns to see the beauty with their hearts and not just their eyes.


Lora knew though, that he would never make the first move. It would be up to her to
do that.
And she didn’t know if she had the courage.
Cheyenne’s challenging words came back to her, and her resolve solidified.
“Can you turn around please?”
He’d been still before, but now it was if he were frozen in time. For several long
seconds she didn’t even hear him breathe. But then he swiveled on one boot heel
to face her.
Lora sank down into the water until only her shoulders were exposed. His gaze
traveled over her as if he could see more, though.
“Would you join me?”
Lora actually heard him swallow from several feet away and it gave her courage that
he was nervous.
“I don’t know if that’s such a great idea.”
He took a step forward across the deck, then a few more, until he stood at the side of the tub. “I’ll have to take the prosthetic off,” he admitted.
Lora hadn’t even thought about that. “Okay.” She was struck with something and she
grinned. “Want me to turn around?”
She thought she’d been funny but he gave her the strangest look.
“If you keep giving me smiles like that, you can look at anything you want.”

I am a wife and mother of two. I am a stay at home writer, which I dearly love, and I recently added the title USA Today Bestselling author to my moniker.
I was a Deputy Sheriff in Ohio for nine years, and I found myself tapping that experience as I wrote Second Time Around, my very first book. No, I didn’t tackle and cuff my husband, although there was that time in Kmart… Anyway, it was quite a change going from writing technical reports with diagrams, witness statements, inventories, etc., that would stand up in court to writing contemporary romance. I’ve always written, though, and it was always a dream to do something with that huge, leaning stack of spiral bound notebooks.
I’ve now published 15 books, with many more on the way. I thank you so much for taking an interest in my work!

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  2. Im also from ohio, so my question is around what part are you from? (If that's not too personal) I am from Northwest, ohio, around the Toledo area.