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Melissa Collins "Love Series" Book Blitz with Reviews & Giveaway

would happen if you lost everything? If the people who were supposed to love
you unconditionally were no longer there for you, how would your world

Becker lost everything when her parents died when she was ten years old. Ripped
from her home and everything that she has ever loved, she is forced to start
all over again. The only way for her to move on is to build walls around her
heart and keep everyone at a safe distance. Her logic: she can't get hurt if
she doesn't fall in love. 

theory is blown to pieces when she meets Reid Connely during her freshman year
at college. He is gorgeous and darkly mysterious. He understands Maddy's pain all
too well, but sharing his pain would mean breaking down the walls he put up
around his own heart. Conflicted between loving Maddy and hiding his dark past,
Reid starts to reevaluate his world. Maddy's inner strength, snarky personality
and breath taking beauty help Reid to make peace with his past. 
they find out what happens when they let love in.

I was so drawn in by this book. Two different past but the same sinking feeling caused love and heartache. I am impatiently waiting book two. Emotional rollercoaster. AMAZING

Let Love In      Guest Reviewer Lara Cassity-Lovell

Heading off to college for anyone is typically a very exciting time, especially when your life has been “normal”.  However, for Madeline Becker her life has been anything but normal.  In a very short amount of time, Madeline has lost her both of her parents, and then the Aunt that takes her in.  She’s forced to start all over again, but doing so with many protective devices in place to protect her head and most importantly her heart.  When arriving to college, Madeline meets Reid Connely and suddenly her whole world is turned upside down. 

The relationship between Maddy and Reid progress quite quickly and passionately for both of them.  Maddy finds love and safety within the arms of Reid and realizes that the reason he is so understanding and compassionate when dealing with her hurts, that Reid has deep wounds of his own that need to be healed. 
Melissa writes such a beautiful love story between these two wounded characters.  She allows for passionate love scenes, heart-warming friendships to be made, and just the right amounts of heartache to be thrown into the mix.  Through the strengths and weaknesses of each other Maddy and Reid learn about love, and what happens when you  allow it into your lives to take root and to grow. 

Hold on tight as you take the journey that Melissa Collins takes you on as you begin this Love Series journey.  It will move you in ways that you would never imagine.  You will feel giddy and excited, warm and passionate, gritty and angry, and sorrow and despair.  This book will NOT leave you disappointed!!


If you’re
lucky, you’ll fall in love – truly, madly and deeply in love. But what happens
when that honest and pure love isn’t enough to erase your fears? What happens
when your past rears its ugly head and threatens your future?

and Reid had that kind of love – the all-encompassing, Earth shattering, once
in a lifetime kind of love. Then life happened. Old wounds that were thought to
be long healed and scabbed over are ripped opened and they are forced to face
the possibility that, maybe, they are not strong enough to fight their demons
and embrace the light.

they found out what love is, but now they will each need to heal on their own
before they can ever be together again. They must face their fears and beat
down their pasts in order to find their way through this crazy uphill battle
called love.

let love in, but now, they need to find out how to Let Love Stay.

If there was ever a better continuation to a story that left you breatheless and in LOVE in book 1 this is it. Melissa captured the struggle and fight of Maddy and Reid but also the growth as well.

Reid needed closure and answers for a past left open and Maddy needed herself to get in gear for the life in which she was about to embark on. Reid did not give up on his fight to get his woman back instead he gained not only her love but another family and missing friend.

I truly believe the best is yet to come in this series. So many stories and so little time.

Let Love Stay  Guest Reviewer Lara Cassity- Lovell

This is part two of Maddy and Reids story!  Maddy and Reid are both at places in their lives where they are having to learn to heal their own wounds so that they can then put their lives together and become one.  We learn more about Reid’s past, and the terrible heartache that lies deep within his soul.  Maddy and Reid must learn to love themselves, forgive themselves, and start trusting again in order for their love to stay.

Melissa Collins once again delivers a story that is so beautiful and passionate.  It leaves you almost breathless wanting more and more with this couple.  She paints such a beautiful love picture, so that as you read what these characters are thinking and feeling and going through, it’s almost as if you are transported right into their lives and leaves you almost mesmerized!  Melissa’s books are fantastically written, and are definitely worthy of the title “The Love Series”…because you will love these characters, and you will love her books!


Perfection. We all strive for it, but what happens when the desire
to be perfect consumes you? 
What happens when the need to bury your mistakes blinds you?

Melanie Crane has always been the perfect daughter, friend,
student – she’s been perfect at everything, in fact. But when she lets her
insecurities, the ones that she keeps hidden from 
everyone, get the best of her, she falters in her pursuit of
perfection. Melanie crumples under the pressure and buries her pain. Numbed by
sadness and guilt, she is determined never to let anyone find out how broken
she really is.

Bryan Mahoney may appear to have everything in order. He’s
charming, witty and completely swoon-worthy. In short, Bryan has life all
figured out, but appearances can be deceiving. When the landscape of Bryan’s
family changes in an instant, he’s left to pick up the pieces.

Not all bruises leave a mark. Now, weary and afraid, Melanie and
Bryan must find a way to let love heal their broken and jaded hearts.

I would have to say that Melissa pulled me into being a huge fan of NA from when "Maddy Met Reid" hahahah..... Her books are like wine, the get better with time.

It is a great experience when you are reading a book and it feels as if you are reliving your own life story. Melly Belly character brought to the surface the same things and feelings that I myself try to keep hidden. I was drawn in from the first chapter and met every doubt, revelation, struggle, and growth with understanding and that "been there" attitude. 

Although I did enjoy Bryan and the way he wooed and had his own struggles that he fought so hard to hide and overcome, Melanie sealed the deal for me. This was a true "American" love story with banter, struggle and hot sex but the closeness to the heroine came to many woman is what makes this a spectacular read. I give it a 5+ stars and a GREAT continuation to an AMAZING first two books.

Let Love Heal  Guest Reviewer Lara Cassity-Lovell

Melanie Crane is Maddy’s best friend!  She and her mother became Maddy’s family when Maddy’s family came to a sudden and abrupt halt.  In the first two books, Melanie appears as this very happy-go-lucky, completely put together, and perfect woman.  In this book, we find out that she most certainly is not that…perfect.
Melanie meets Bryan Mahoney, and the sparks begin to fly.  It is through their attraction and beginning of a new and growing relationship that we see cracks in the armor of both Melanie and Bryan.  Melanie has issues with self-esteem, and Bryan issues that stem from having a broken family.
Once again, Melissa delivers a very relatable and true love story.  This book by far was my favorite, simply because it was so real and relatable to me.  With any new relationship, come doubts and insecurities.  Very few women don’t have issues with how they see themselves, when it comes to the opposite sex.  How does see my body?  Am I meeting all of his needs?  Can I keep him happy enough?  Do I please him?  Can he love me with the way that I look?  Melissa very sweetly places you right into the mindset of these two characters and allows you to understand their confusion and see their heartbreaks, as they slowly but surely begin to heal themself so that they can help to heal each other and find their happiness.

comes after “they lived happily ever after?”

and Reid have seen their fair share of trials and tribulations, of love and
loss. Facing down the biggest challenges of their young lives, they managed to
survive and endure. With the future stretching out before them, they must learn
to navigate new and unfamiliar paths. 

new parents, starting new jobs, and continuing college is enough to overwhelm
any couple. New challenges come up daily, as do small victories. Watch Maddy
and Reid grow stronger together in this “one year later” tale of the everyday
stuff that happens in real life. 

a solid foundation of love under their inexperienced feet – and with the help
of their family and friends – Maddy and Reid learn how to let love shine,
lighting the way for a beautiful future to come.

Wow, this felt more like a novel than novella. The gang was all back and facing their inner struggles and happy times TOGETHER... I love Maddy and Reid growth and connection, I wish at twenty I had that support. Melanie confession and Maddy unveiled inner secret touched my heart. 

Dylan struggle is what made me cry but Reid being there as a friend is helping but it will take a village to break through his walls of regret and what-if's. 

Thank you Melissa for sticking to REAL struggles and topics that many can relate too. This is one of the reasons I am a forever fan.

Let Love Shine  Guest Reviewer Lara Cassity- Lovell

The epilogue of all epilogues!!  The novella of all novellas!  This is the one year later follow-up story to Maddy and Reid’s love story.  This is truly what you wish each of our author friends would do for each of their characters that we so fully and completely fall in love with.
Melissa picks us up and puts us right back into the lives of Maddy and Reid, after their Happily Ever After!  They have figured out how to heal themselves and let love stay, but now on top of all of that, they are new parents as well.
Maddy has issues with her post baby body, and Reid struggles with balancing work, being a daddy, and showing his wife how beautiful and lovely she is without pushing her to do and be that which is in uncomfortable with being just yet. 
Again, Melissa is able to put into words that which so many of us deal with after our babies are born.  How can he find me attractive when I have formula all over my shirt, and I have dark bags under my eyes because I haven’t slept in almost 24 hours?  I absolutely loved this book because it was so real, and found myself laughing because I saw so much of my own story within its sweet words.  Join in on the fun as Maddy and Reid explore all the newness of being parents, and find their way back to one another again. 


What would bring you
happiness in a world that was suddenly empty?
For Lucy Crane, the
answer is simple: her daughter. When her husband is killed in a tragic
accident, Lucy loses her desire to live, but only one thing keeps her going

her unborn daughter. Focusing on being a mother helps Lucy cope with her loss,
but kids grow up and they leave home, eventually. Eighteen years after losing
her first and only love, Lucy is faced with the opportunity to find the
happiness for which she’s always longed. Her own fears become her worst enemies
as she learns how to embrace love once again.
Evan Donovan is also
facing his own struggles. Forced to retire from the FDNY because of lung damage
caused by 9/11, Evan moves to upstate New York where he hopes to find a little
peace and quiet. Old habits die hard, and Evan’s hero complex and survivor’s
guilt constantly remind him of how difficult it is to be vulnerable. But for
the first time in his life, he’s tired of being alone.

Drawing strength
from one another, Lucy and Evan discover how beautiful it is to let love be a
part of their lives.

This is by far the "best in show" of the series. I cried myself to sleep while reading this and dreamed of the events that touched my heart as well as defined me as a person/mother/friend. I reached out to Melissa several times before I hit 50% to express my gratitude and share some of my own struggles.

I am a huge FAN and want to say, this book is about a reflection of hope as well as finding yourself before accepting the love in which you deserve. The struggles and doubts are real, the acceptance of a role that you have no choice but to embrace is real. Giving yourself time to heal and move on to completeness is in your grasp. That is what Lucy and Evan story is, words of HOPE. The story that shows anything is possible after being dealt a shitty hand. Thank you Melissa for this adult romance that will forever have a place in my heart. EXCELLENT book


Who would you become if you lost the only person who ever mattered?

For twenty-six year old Dylan Hopkins, the answer is easy. He’s become no one. Memories of the happier times are all he has left as he finds himself meandering numbly through his now dull life. Though he cares about his work and family

dearly, he’s yet to let himself find love again. Afraid of letting go of what he once had, Dylan chooses to keep his heart buried, where it belongs, having died a long time ago. 

Conner Michelson is about to change everything Dylan knows. He’s every bit the bad boy persona - tatted up, ex-MMA fighter, but after an injury leaves him unable to fight, he has to rethink his goals. Having just opened his own gym, Conner can cross his first major life accomplishment off his very short list. Next up: find a man he can settle down with and build a family. Seems simple enough - a dream most people have, but when he meets Dylan, his carefree, easy-going life is thrown into a tailspin. 

Determined to keep Dylan in his life, Conner vows to resurrect Dylan's long ago buried heart and let love live once more.

OMG.... I read my very first M/M book. They say the first time your cherry is popped it is painful and just a horrible experience. I call bullshit because Melissa worked me over and left me emotionally sated and an emotional wreck in the best way possible. I fell in love with Dylan and Conner. Their story from beginning to end left me breathless. The story of Shane in Dylan had me in so many tears I had to put the book down to relax myself. I didn't know I could dislike a character so much but remembering Reid threat to whip his father ass in Let Love Stay had me elated that he did NOT win in the end. Dylan growth in wanting to go camping in the forest to LIVE not only summed up this story but the meaning of the entire series. All the characters just wanted to live and not just exist. Conner did not let him shy away and he had to fight for what he so truly needed. In life you are surely given one soulmate but in this case Dylan had two. This story was a perfect ending to some of the best writing I have seen in a NA EVER... Melissa is a genius in her own right and a writer that you should keep on your radar for more good things to come. Thank you for allowing me on this journey and writing from your heart that touches the heart of so many. I LOVE this to pieces and promise to find my forest so I can once again Let Love Live....

Author Pic
Melissa Collins has always been a book worm.  Studying Literature in college ensured that her nose was always stuck in a book.  She followed her passion for reading to the most logical career choice: English teacher.  Her hope was to share her passion for reading and the escapism of books to her students.  Having spent more than a decade in front of a classroom, she can easily say that it’s been a dream.

Her passion for writing didn’t start until more recently.  When she was home on maternity leave in early 2012, she read her first romance novel and her head filled with the passion, angst and laughter of the characters who she read about it.  It wasn’t long before characters of her own took shape in her mind. Their lives took over Melissa’s brain and The Love Series was born.


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