Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing His Game by Justine Elvira Release Day Blitz & Exclusive Teaser

*Warning: Although Playing His Game can be read as a stand-alone novel, it's highly recommended you read Changing His Game first. Playing His Game contains sex, drugs, and briefly touches on M/F/F. Recommended for mature readers.

I'm a pretty carefree person. I believe in living life to the fullest, having no regrets and just having fun. This is my outlook on life when Scott Reynolds collides with it.

It was supposed to be casual and fun. We couldn't get serious because our circumstances wouldn't allow it. My sister and his brother were practically married. Soon, one hook up became two, then five, then ten, until I lost count completely. Our casual relationship became something more... to me.

How the hell did I let this happen?

I'm falling for this man and it's becoming a problem. But Scott has his own problems, his own demons. He's dug himself into a hole so deep, and he needs me to help him get out... and I do it. I stupidly do it and screw up my life, my reputation and any chance of changing people's perception of me. For the first time I care what people think of me, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat…

If Scott weren't such an asshole!


Scott: What are you wearing?

Me: Do you have sexual Tourettes? Sometimes it's okay not to say everything you’re thinking.

Scott: No Tourettes. I just want to know what you're wearing. This could go one of two ways. Should I lie and be demure, or should I tell the truth and let him know I sleep in my birthday suit? He could get the wrong impression with the truth. Then again, what harm could come from texts? I can flirt with him through texts.

Me: I'm not wearing anything.

Scott: You're shitting me.

Me: I'm not. I always sleep naked. What are you wearing?

Scott: I was in bed in my boxers, but now my boxers are down to my knees and my hand’s around my dick as my other hand frantically texts you.

Wow. The thought of him touching himself is turning me on. Ten minutes ago I was ready to sleep, now I'm ready to get lucky.

Me: Are you hard? Is your long, thick cock wanting inside my tight pussy?

Scott: You have no idea.

This is almost too easy.

Me: My pussy wants your cock. I'm pushing two fingers inside my tight pussy, fingering myself and pretending it's you.

That might have been too much, but it's true. I've slipped my hand between my legs and am waiting for what he'll text next. I'm quickly becoming an expert at texting with one hand as I masturbate with the other.

Scott: Send me a picture.

Me: No.

Scott: Yes! Please send me a picture. I won't show anyone.

Me: You have to earn a picture. Make me come...       

I learned many new words while reading this book. Best one every "snugglefuck", yep and everyone should try it.

Scott and Winnie story was fun, sexual, and emotionally challenging. What can you do when you give over yourself for the person you love? Yes, that was the challenge in which Winnie faced but the outcome of the situation is what will have you turning the page until it says, "The End".


Author bio & links

I am a book lover. I love so many different genres of books and began publishing my own stories in the spring of 2013. Writing is my therapy. I love to take the stories in my head and write them down on paper. When I'm not writing I am spending time with my family.

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