Thursday, September 25, 2014

Drops of Rain by Kathryn Andrews Blog Tour with Review and Giveaway

Ali Rain
Sometimes I think to myself, “How did I get here?” Then the pain hits and I remember…it’s because she’s gone. I now live in a new town, go to a new school, and I’m supposed to be moving on with my new life. Only, I no longer know who I am anymore. Dancing is all I have left and every day I feel completely alone. Silence has become the theme song to my life. She said to find some joy and light, but I don’t know how. Mostly, I feel surrounded in darkness…that is until I meet him.

Drew Hale

I have only one goal, in 298 days I’m going to drive away from this small beach town and never return. People are always watching me closely, too close, and I’m tired of wearing a mask. I need to be free. Swimming is my ticket out of here and I remind myself daily to fly under the radar, stick to my routine, and under no circumstances let anything distract me. I’m not as perfect as they think, most days I am drowning in guilt. I’m not sure I will ever be able to escape the feelings of shame, worthlessness, and just being unwanted…that is until I meet her.


I have no idea how to start this review... I am torn between triumph and anger. I heart was torn for Ali and the feelings and trials in which she went through. It is just a wonder that she was not depressed or medicated for the inner emotional damage in which she hid from the world. The same could definitely be said for Drew and Beau.

I guess everyone has an outlet that gets them through lifes troubles, shoot mine is reading a book everyday. It is just funny how parents greed can control your life when in reality it is yours to live. The question is is pleasing them or making another deal for them worth the lives of others?

Is your suffering worth the neglect of someone that needs you the most? When did the kids never matter? That is what went on in this book, a lot of questions that that pull at your heart-string. It will have you turning page after page to see when will they get a break, when will the pain go away, and when will the truth be discovered.

This is a well written YA but not all will understand the underlining that that author so wonderfully displayed

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I was once asked to give a three minute presentation describing who I am and here’s what I came up with…

Over ten years ago my husband and I were driving from Chicago to Tampa and somewhere in Kentucky I remember seeing a billboard that was all black with five white words, “I do, therefore I am!” I’m certain that it was a Nike ad, but for me I found this to be completely profound.

Take running for example. Most will say that a runner is someone who runs five days a week and runs under a ten minute mile pace. Well, I can tell you that I never run five days a week and on my best days my pace is an eleven minute mile. I have run six half marathons and one full marathon. No matter what anyone says, I am a runner. I do, therefore I am.

I’ve taken this same thought and applied it to so many areas of my life: cooking, gardening, quilting, and yes…writing.

I may not be culinary trained, but I love to cook and my family and friends loves to eat my food. I cook, therefore I am a chef!

My thumb is not black. I love to grow herbs, tomatoes, roses, and lavender. I garden, therefore I am a gardener!

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