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Silver Strings G Series by Lisa Gillis Spotlight and Reviews

I first found about this series by agreeing to review for a blog tour and got hooked. Upon reading book 1, I contacted Lisa to see which order to read the rest and so on. I am a HUGE rocker romance fan and this series did not disappoint me. GET your copies by clicking on the pictures and enjoy my reviews.  Thank you Lisa and I look forward to what is to come.


Is the cure for a breakup a hookup?

Marissa Duplei has one mission. Pick herself up, dust the ex off, and get dirty with someone else. However, sexy, inked-up, metal-musician Jack Storm is not the average girl’s revenge fling.

A tour bus bang.
A one night stand gone awry.
A secret to keep at all costs.

Could it all lead to love?

Eye of the Storms (Book 1)

Dedicated to rock star readers of the series. This anniversary edition is the original story of Jack and Marissa (Jack Who?) with the 1st POV and sexy steamy scenes restored.


This was a very good start to a relationship. A run away dog being returned to it's rightful honor after being ditched turns into one night of passion, nine months of secrets, five years of yearning, and one call that changes it all. Marissa and Jack are a couple on the rise and Tristan is the glue that pulled them in the directions they need to be in.

I can't wait for book 2.


It had been easy to fall in love with Jack, metal musician and father of her child. Staying in love with Jack Storm the rock star while adjusting to a new life in Los Angeles is anything but easy. 

Is this the rock star life? 

To Marissa, her future seems as mysterious as dusk’s shimmering shadows beneath the surface of the luxurious guitar shaped pool. There is no doubt this could be her dream house, her dream life with the man she loves. Not so dreamy is all that she is beginning to see packaged with him. 

The crazy hours of a very active life. The garbage behind the glam. Mostly, a moody and presumptuous rock star whose public persona is opposite of the sweet celebrity she fell for. 

"Storm's Eye" is book 2 of the G Strings Anniversary Set. It is Jack Who as originally written, in first POV with extra steamy chapters. It can stand alone, but is greatly enhanced by reading Eye of the Storms.


With a new start comes new problems but for Jack and Marissa those problems were just too much. We got insight on the life of Jack Storm and boy did he live it up, (for the label, his family, and so-called friends.

I could not put this down and enjoyed the ride as well as the heart to hearts that left me emotionally spent but with a depth of understanding. I know there is more to come but am not ready yet. I need to regroup.

This is a great rock star romance that keeps you engaged as well as smiling.


It all begins with one wrong wish on a star – a ROCK STAR. 

Jackal has retired but their fan base lives on. Jack and Marissa are still a super couple who see very little peace in public. Ready to live incog, they contemplate a move to Dallas—roots of the Loren family tree, and home of the family label.  

Christmas is coming, and Jack Junior is not the only one with a wish list. The Jackal fan site once had a Holiday tradition of indulging five lucky fans with a Christmas wish. This year, a fan manages to contact Jack with a very special wish.  

A wish that unearths a scandal Jack tried to leave in his past.  

When history begins repeating itself, he finds that the past is always a part of the present. But with one brightly wrapped present, will this particular part of his past forever change his future?  

To complicate matters, this Holiday Season, Marissa is hiding more than Christmas presents. For starters, her complicated relationship with Jack’s sister reaches a new level of craziness. Also, simmering beneath a Christmas colored surface is a psycho situation she cannot see coming.  

Jack and Marissa have always had a rocky relationship. Yet again, they have to stand strong. LA may be hot, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of snow.  

The epic rock romance of Jack and Marissa continues. This novel can stand alone, but is the third in the Silver Strings Series - G String Set. 


I think Jack analogy of Marissa Christmas gift to him after it was broken sums up their relationship. I enjoyed this third book of their trilogy. Maybe because JJ put him through the ringer and because there was bonding and understanding on all fronts in the family.

There can never be forever or peace in any relationship without communication and understanding and in this book there was plenty of miscommunication. I think what pulled it all together was the ability to listen from all points.

Thank you Lisa for my JackMa


STORM CELLS is a collection of sexy novelettes/storyline extras about Jack & Marissa 

Who are Jack & Marissa? 

MC’s in the Silver Strings Series G-String Set by Lisa Gillis: 
Jack Who? 
Weathering Jack Storm 
Snow Storms 

What if I haven’t read the G-String Set? 

The Storm Cells novelettes are meant to enhance the above series. These novellas may contain references to things that do not make sense if the novels have not been read. 


Tour bus first holidays suck, right? Not for Marissa. Well it did and pissed her straight off. Jack demands and obligations almost cost him her once again.


Getting knocked up isn’t as easy the second time around. Jack & Marissa’s baby journey… 

STORM CELLS is a collection of sexy novelettes/storyline extras about Jack & Marissa


When all else fails just celebrate paparazzi pictures. The inside look on the journey of JackMa trying to have another baby so he can experience the journey was great. Although Marissa is feeling guilty but hopeful Jack will do all he can until there is no other options.

This is a sad moment in their life but also a joyous occasion and revelation.


They are friends in public, lovers in private. In an age of sex, drugs, rock and roll, they want it all. But 'all' is differently defined to everyone. What happens when sexy drummer Matt Loren wants bandmate Jules Breaux as more than a bedroom plaything? Is her love more than a four letter word? 

Rising Sun, Half Moon, and Rock Stars is a monster sized rock romance trilogy--over 1000 pages---exposing the harsh realities of fame, the rivalry between siblings and associates, and the reliability as well as surreal expectations of true love. 

In RISING SUN, rebellious Jules Breaux doesn't know what to feel when the band she began as a hobby begins rising up in fame and ruining friendships. Is this what she wanted after all? A life of sex, drugs, rock and roll? Which comes first, her priorities? Or those of Matt? The sexy drummer with whom she has a very complicated relationship. 

HALF MOON continues where Rising Sun left off. Is the band the glue that holds personal relationships together? Will love, family, and friendship survive if the band begins to fall apart? 

ROCK STARS: Once friends, once lovers, and once famous--they are soul mates, and time hasn't changed that. For Jules, rekindling that old sweet fire means trading her quiet life for the rock and roll world from which she once ran. To Matt, his private desire to win back his true love becomes a public affair. 

Their love for each other is limitless, a passion proven to survive all. But after withstanding the test of time, will that old feeling endure a very public existence and the stresses of life in the fast lane? 

Live a vinyl journey during a time of political unrest and memorable events. Watch as surfing and skateboarding become a culture. Listen as music changes, and rock and roll is reshaped. Walk the Boulevard of Broken Dreams in Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars. 


Like father like son is all I can say. It takes a long journey to get to the HEA of Matt and Jules we see in Jack and Marissa story. The life of a rock star is HARD but temptations are even harder. Their journey is a MUST read.


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