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Direct Deposit by Marilyn Baxter Blog Tour and Review plus Giveaway


She wanted to make a
withdrawal from a sperm bank. He would give all he has to make
a direct deposit.


Family law attorney Maddie Prescott is driven to
succeed. A pawn in her parents’ messy divorce, she devoted her career to
representing children in court, and when her husband’s early death makes it
seem like she can’t have it all, she’s ready to beat the odds by going to a
sperm bank. One advantage to single parenthood is that her child will never be
a pawn. That, and she’ll never have to deal with sarcastic ladies’ men or

Jack Worth promised to look out for his dying
best friend’s wife: a small repayment for someone who once helped an
irredeemable bad boy find the path to happiness. So, while Maddie Prescott’s
baby plans are questionable, duty and loyalty prompt Jack first to volunteer as
the sperm donor…and then to propose a marriage of convenience. And the more he
gets to know her, the more this onetime player will see that Maddie is the
woman of his dreams, and that the child they will make deserves to be from a
direct deposit.

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Maddie was blessed with a guardian angel that was sent by Alex her late husband from his death bed. Jake not only kept a promise but he went above and beyond. He not only kept Maddie amongst the living be he also secured her job and helped her love and believe again.

This was a light romantic comedy that illustrated how we are bigger than our past and with the right intention one can become two and eventually a loving family.

 It’s time to move on, Jack,” she told him. “And
I think it’s time we stopped these monthly pity parties. We struggle to carry
on polite conversation. I choke on every bite of food. You sit there feeling
sorry for me. I’ve made some decisions in the last few weeks that will move my
life in a new direction. I only hope you’re able to do the same.”

“Is that what the sperm canister is all about?”

Water spewed everywhere.

“How...” Her cheeks burned from embarrassment.

“The letter behind your phone. You aren’t
seriously considering going to a sperm bank are you?”

Maddie pushed away from the table and picked up
her plate, heading toward the kitchen. “And if I am, what makes it your
business?” Chagrin replaced the previous awkwardness.

Jack followed, juggling his plate in one hand as
he nudged open the door to the kitchen with his elbow.
“What the hell are you thinking? You’re going to
get yourself knocked up by some total stranger so you can play Mommy?” He took
her plate and scraped it into the sink.

“No one is knocking me up as
you so charmingly put it.” She crossed her arms and leaned against the counter.
“The procedure is done in an office by a doctor and—”

“I know how the hell it’s done.”

“Oh? I wasn’t aware The Playboy Channel televised
medical documentaries.”

“I watch The Learning Channel, too.
Surprised?” He loaded the dishwasher while she looked on in amazement. “What?
I’m housebroken. I’m not Emeril, but I cook a mean meatloaf and mashed
potatoes.” He squirted dish gel in the dispenser. “From scratch,” he added.

“Quite honestly, nothing about you would
surprise me, Jack. What did surprise me was my husband being in business with
you. You were as different as… as…”

“Champagne and beer?” he suggested as he rinsed
the sink. “Caviar and hot dogs? You and me?”

“You got that right.” Maddie lifted her chin

Author Bio:

In 2001, Marilyn discovered Romance novels quite by accident, which led to a renewed interest in writing. She started out by writing fanfiction about Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Superman, which developed into a desire to write about her own characters. She’s had over forty short stories published in the confessions and Romance magazines.
Also, she has taught a class in how to effectively write for this genre and worked as a researcher and copy editor for several Romance authors. All this combined to give her a great love of the Romance genre and helped develop a multitude of friendships in the Romance community.
She’s a member of Romance Writers ofAmerica, as well as her local chapter, Heart of Dixie. In addition to reading, Marilyn loves to knit (as long as it’s only a scarf), cook (in the crockpot), garden (in a couple of pots on her patio), and her motto is “Have passport, will travel.” She’d love to add to the list of 32 states and 21 foreign countries she’s already visited.
After raising two great sons, she loves to spoil... er... dote on her two granddaughters.

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