Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Roaming Pleasure by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey Release Day Blitz with Review Rated R

Roaming Pleasure – A Countermeasure Series Short Story


A business trip. Unlimited roaming. What can possibly come out of this combination?
When Trevor and Cassandra are apart, the heart grows more than fonder....
Witness their wicked games as they keep their bond alive even when they are apart.

Roaming Pleasure will be released on Tuesday, July 21st, 2016 and it’s currently available for pre-order from all major retailers.

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Cassandra exited the elevator of the CIA building. The tap of her heels against the marble floor resounded through the ample lobby as she strode to the exit. The meeting had run much later than she’d expected, and now she’d be lucky to catch Trevor before he turned in for the night.
She eased the strap of her tote into a more comfortable position and stepped out onto the covered entrance. The cool evening air nipped up her skirt. She searched the loop in front of the building for the vehicle the Director had arranged to take her to the hotel. Fueled by anxiety to return to her room, she must have zipped out of the building, because there was no sign of any of the familiar black-issue CIA sedans at the curb. She let out a resigned sigh and walked down the concrete steps to street level. One more delay. Her cell phone vibrated against her hip. Startled, she fished it out of her jacket pocket and swiped the screen as a Crown Vic came to a halt in front of her.
An older gentleman sporting a black, slightly rumpled suit stepped out and rounded the car toward her. “Miss James?” An apologetic cringe veiled his expression.
She frowned at reading of the first couple of messages.
Miss you. Too fucking much.
So much, I have to take matters into my own hands. Literally.
What is he up to now? The texts were momentarily forgotten while she glanced in the man’s direction with a thankful smile. “Actually, it’s Mrs. Bauer.”
A slow smile curved his lips. “My apologies for the delay, Mrs. Bauer. A bad collision blocked the parkway. Can I take your bag?”
Her phone buzzed again several times. “No, thank you. I’ll hold on to it. Let’s hit the road, shall we?” The speed with which he’d turned on his heel and escorted her to the black town car idling by the curb expressed a similar desire to be on their way. It had been a long day, and she wanted nothing better than to get back to her room, kick her shoes off, and spend quality time with her husband. Even if only to commiserate about their time apart.
She piled into the back seat of the sedan and set the bag holding her lifeline—her laptop—next to her on the seat. Cassandra smoothed her skirt around her thighs and read the messages as the driver pulled the car away from the curb.
I thought you’d like to take part in my little self-exploration of sorts considering our latest adventures in couple’s therapy.
Trevor’s message captured her attention, and she tried to puzzle it out. What couple’s therapy? What the hell is he talking about? The driver’s distant voice snapped through her thoughts. She looked into the rearview mirror. “I’m sorry. What did you say?”
“Straight to the hotel?” The humor in his eyes reflected back at her.
The cell jumped in her hand again. “No. I mean, yes,” she stammered as she thumbed the screen once again.
Visualize this: Me, sitting on the couch, pants down, hand working my cock slowly. It throbs for you, wants to be inside you, yearns to dive in your heat.

Cassandra reread the message three times before the words sunk in. Warmth flowed from her cheeks to the juncture of her thighs. Holy… Her breath rushed from her lungs and she dropped her head back against the seat. In that instant, she felt every inch of him inside her. She glanced down at the phone again and squeezed her eyes tight. A strangled moan slipped free. Damn. With just a few words, that man knocked her to her knees.


Inappropriate Review....

Have you ever read a scene and just wished it was an audio so you can get off on its HOTNESS? If not then I suggest you scroll back up and reread the teaser and then pick this book up and experience the raging erotic euphoria in which Trevor delivers in this short. I have to tell you it is just a porn with a connection and desire that CAN be seen/read. It gets your vibrator buzzing and you heart racing for SO many different reasons.

If everyone had a mind like Trevor and Cassie or even their creator Chris and Cecilia,  or the love with sexual tension and desire they share the world would be overly populated. This was a written orgasm plain and simple. It displayed the love in which everyone crave in a form of speech-to-text. 

I am a huge fan of their erotic writing but this one is just over the top excellent.

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  1. Thank you for your inappropriate review, Mayas!
    I guess we hit a very good spot with this one? I hope your readers enjoy it as much as you did!