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Branding a Legacy by HJ Bellus Release Blitz with Review

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Branding A Legacy 

A Silver Star Ranch Novel

Trying to get ahead isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult when your sense of honor and integrity is being tested when taking the high road. Being kicked down when working with a high standard gets old real quick and Marvel Slatter is no stranger to this cruel way of life.

He’s idolized his Granddad and brothers growing up on Silver Star Ranch while working his fingers to the bone branding their legacy.

What happens when an honorable man is pushed too far?

He snaps. Seeking revenge blinds Marvel. He demands one thing and one thing only: his fair share of money for training a group of colts. Marvel refuses to let Saint take advantage of his family one more time. Enough is enough in his book.

With his brothers hovering over him, Marvel is forced to lie to his family. He’s not proud of it, but convinces himself it’s in the best interest of Silver Star to stand up to Saint.

His decisions lead to fatal tragedies. Hurt so real and deep, no one is safe or promised the guarantee of a tomorrow.

Will Silver Star Ranch and the Slatters triumph in the face of adversity or will their legacy fold forever?

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This is a dual review only because of the depth of the content in reference to the playlist in which I have had on repeat since it was released to me.

Marvel was the heart of Silver Star ranch. Being the youngest and in the shadow of his brothers his role was determined by keeping everything in tact and holding on to a name and legacy that was being used and tarnished. Was his actions just, YES... Was his plan solid, YES... Dis his world fall apart and lives of those he loved and cherished as well, HELL YES... In come Clover, we will call her out lucky four leaf clover to come and mend all hearts, chest, and patience.

Secrets, past, hate, love, and first play a major part in the outcome as well as comings and no longer in this book. Marvel was stubborn by right and angry guilt that went deeper that what he held. Shit, I would have done the same as well as carry it all on my shoulder. A cowboy through and through was branded in him as well as produced by him.

This book shows true meaning that family is not blood but love and actions of people that claim they love you. They take you in without hesitation and jump in front of bullets when you turn your back, providing they are there by your side until the end. Clover may have been a product of evil but the goodness of her father and the open arms of a Slatter brought sunshine tot he gloom that has haunted her for years. Giving first to remember and some she may wish to forget. Great ending HJ Bellus, you BRANDED a Legacy series I will always remember.

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