Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Clutch Player by Kylie Gilmore Release Blitz and Review

He’s the guy you turn to in a clutch…

Surgeon Jared Reynolds has always been an adrenaline junkie, which makes him the go-to guy in emergencies. He just never expected an emergency that required a…porcupine costume.

Nurse Emily Maguire works the pediatric oncology ward, a challenging but rewarding job that suddenly becomes unbearable when the full-of-himself Jared steps in for his sweet brother during the Saturday morning Captain Cuddle visit. She knows his rep for hooking up with nurses and refuses to fall for his obvious charms.

Until an emergency brings them together that has Jared falling into the deep end of love and Emily wondering if a clutch player is just what she needs.

Chapter 1


Emily and Jared was caught in a non-existent love triangle. I say that because it was all in Jared's head once he put some pieces together that fit but no longer belonged. Add to that the crazy events in Emily life then you have yourself a very interesting, confusing, mind-boggling romance.

Clutch Player is different from Kylie other books in the series because of the inner subject matter and turn of events but good all the same. I loved how big Emily heart was for her kids and how Jared was there when he didn't know how to be. Like Angel said, he had it in him too. Fun one-and-done and be Dr. Feelings Talker. 

Way to bring love together in a different way Kylie, I enjoyed it.

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