Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Embraced by Britni Hill Release Blitz with Review


Abby had her world rocked when her parents announced they were separating. Unable to deal, she packed up and transferred schools, heading to Western Palm. Sharing an apartment with her best friend and a roommate makes for close quarters.

Trying to stay upbeat, Abby dons a sexy costume and parties the Halloween night away with her friends. Instant attraction draws her to Adam but she’s not looking for a relationship. Certain he's just like all the others she's dated, she tries to keep her distance. Adam is relentless, constantly proving he’s worth her time.

Spending the holidays with family should be fun, but a surprise waits for Abby on Christmas Eve. Family traditions are turned into a circus and Abby loses all faith in relationships. Can Adam help her gain that confidence back and get her to embrace the way she feels for him?

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Abby parents situation really dId a number on her. I can get why she was skittish and guarded. Her role models felled when they had their mid-life crisis. Her dads reasoning was totally messed up, like seriously. Anyway on to the hotness that is Adam.
He was truly what she needed. He didn't push or pull but also didn't break or lose himself. He gave Abby time but showed his feelings through actions until the denial of his wants got to be too much. I loved that about him because everyone else gave her space and kept their mouths closed when what she needed was a reality check and a hard shove. 

I enjoyed this book and look forward to revisiting them soon.

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