Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Formal Arrangement by Kylie Gilmore Release Blitz with Review


Formal Arrangement (Happy Endings Book Club #4)
Lauren Bishop has her whole summer planned out—working as a nanny for a desperate single dad and finding the elusive Mr. Right. She even signed up for the local matchmaking guru’s Make Love Bloom (TM) service end-of-summer guarantee! But somehow her plans got derailed because now she finds herself longing for her emotionally unavailable employer. 

When his two-year-old’s molars turn his little sunshine into a demon from hell, single dad Alex Campbell finds himself longing for the simpler days of teddy bear picnics. This is a parenting nightmare! Then sweet Lauren drops into their life like an angel sent from above. Alex doesn’t do relationships, which is why he turns down every woman who comes his way, but he can’t afford to lose this nanny. Can he convince her to stay even though she’s looking for the one thing he can’t give her?



Thuper and Daddy was the best. I have been fan of Kylie since the very first book but although I enjoyed Daisy story I believe Lauren and Alex romance was not only fun but had a hidden passion as well. The roles of Joe and even Josh to an extent played a part that was so Hailey it made it funny and more enjoyable. We can't count out Viv because that girl stole my heart before she stole Lauren's. The mask, the angel, and the Kei Kei dance. YES!!! Kylie portrayed a child at two like no other. It only took the little things for her. Although it took Alex a while to catch on and let go of his inner turmoil he still did what any single parent that was dealt his hand would do. His burden of grief and misunderstanding was pure and warranted. But his attempt of a bloom even made me swoon and a little damp. 

Pure perfection. I actually can honestly say that I can go for another dose of this couple. The banter, role playing, and companionship was worth every hour of reading and more.

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